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Spiritual Entrepreneurship: Insights with Calvin Correli
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Our guest for this episode is Calvin Correli, a serial entrepreneur, spiritual teacher, author, and transformative speaker. 

Meet our guest

Name: Calvin Correli

What they do: Calvin is the Founder and CEO of, a fully integrated platform designed for coaches to facilitate large-scale life transformations. 

Interesting fact: At one point in his life, Calvin felt disconnected from his given name and decided to change it with the help of numerology. Inspired by a quote by President Calvin Coolidge, he embraced the name Calvin as a symbol of determination and persistence. This transformation empowered him to forge his path with renewed purpose.

Where to reach them:


Every business problem is really a personal problem that shows up in business.

Calvin Correli

Short overview

Calvin shares his journey from programming to blending spirituality with entrepreneurship, discovering purpose and passion in his work. He stresses the significance of addressing personal challenges in business, viewing it as a journey of self-discovery and growth.

We talk about how changing his name to align with his inner essence transformed Calvin’s approach to branding. When trademark issues surfaced with his company’s original name, Zen Billing, Calvin took the opportunity to rebrand as Simplero by incorporating numerology, aiming to capture the essence of his product and company values.

Owning, Calvin discusses the importance of domain names in branding, illustrating how a domain change impacted clarity and brand identity. He emphasises the crucial role of selecting the right domain to convey the essence of the product or service offered.

Calvin elaborates on Simplero’s mission to simplify business management for coaches, course creators, and consultants. The platform offers an all-in-one solution, catering to entrepreneurs seeking simplicity and ease in managing their businesses.

Shifting the conversation to his book, “You Are the Product: Make People Want to Buy from You Because of Who You Are,” Calvin sheds light on issues in the online marketing industry. He advocates for genuine service over sales tactics and the importance of product quality and exceptional customer service. 

Looking ahead to what’s next, Calvin eagerly anticipates the release of his upcoming book, which explores how genuine energy and authenticity can naturally attract people.

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Key moments

  • Personal growth, entrepreneurship, and spirituality. (0:05)
  • Personal and professional naming choices. (8:31)
  • Domain names and simplifying business tools. (13:56)
  • Entrepreneurship and coaching(20:16)
  • Self-improvement, purpose, and legacy. (25:33)
  • Entrepreneurship and marketing (34:59)
  • Maintaining authenticity in business and personal life. (40:40)

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