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SecurEdge Networks Rebrands to TechGrid, Secures $9.2 Million in Series A Funding
By Monica Stankova access_time 1 min read

SecurEdge Networks, a business platform for technology service providers (TSPs), has rebranded to TechGrid. Alongside the name change, TechGrid has also received a financial boost, securing a $9.2 million Series A investment from Bellini Capital.

Companies drive economic prosperity and growth in communities. They rely on technology to run their businesses. TechGrid connects and empowers an ecosystem of IT Service Providers and Partners to provide technology infrastructure for companies.


The new name, TechGrid, merges the words ‘technology’ and ‘grid’, reflecting its role in distributing technology solutions to businesses, much like a power grid distributes energy.

We chose to combine two literal concepts: technology and grid. We chose the name TechGrid because just like a power grid distributes energy to communities, TechGrid facilitates the flow of technology solutions — by connecting businesses with the experts who can provide them.


An important step in TechGrid’s rebranding is acquiring the exact brand match domain, Securing a .com domain matching their brand name is an intuitive choice for users seeking TechGrid online, crucially enhancing the company’s visibility. This strategic move aligns with their new identity and bolsters their global accessibility and effectiveness in digital marketing, fostering customer recognition and contributing to the brand’s overall strength.

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