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Making a Difference: SmartBranding's Humanitarian Highlights - Inspiring Conversations That Moved Us in 2023
By SmartBranding Team access_time 4 min read

As we enter the new year of 2024, let’s take a moment to look back at the meaningful and inspiring discussions we had in 2023 with people devoted to making a positive impact on society. Here are some remarkable stories of change and compassion, from innovative veterinary care to empowering young entrepreneurs, delivering internet access to those in need, and guiding individuals to break free from generational trauma.

Charles Tiné

Founder of Humanitarian NGO The Small Projects Team | Strategic Advisor @ UADamage (Kyiv) and @U-Nation (Odesa) | Business angel

Cause: Humanitarian Impact in time of crisis.

With very little, we can do a lot.

The Small Projects Team

Charles Tine, President of The Small Projects Team, is a dedicated humanitarian entrepreneur. As a result of international partnerships with Ukraine, Poland, and France, his NGO provides immediate and impactful humanitarian aid in areas like child welfare, medical aid, and post-conflict entrepreneurship. Charles’ insightful podcast episode discusses his humanitarian journey, emphasising on how compassion can drive change, even with limited resources. Click here to listen to the podcast episode.

Dr. David Bessler

Founder & CEO, Veterinary Emergency Group

Cause: Innovative vet care that treats humans and their pets as family, allowing owners to stay with their animals during treatment.

If pets could talk, they’d tell you to stay with them.

Dr. David Bessler

Dedicated to innovative veterinary care, Dr. David Bessler advocates for allowing owners to remain with their pets during treatment. In his podcast episode, you can explore his vision for veterinary emergency medicine and innovation at VEG. Find out how Dr. Bessler’s commitment to simplifying pet care and strengthening the bond between pets and their owners has a profound impact. Listen to the episode here.

Nick Linck

Founder of The Residency

Cause: On a mission to provide debt-free higher education to every person in the world.

Our mission is to enable ambitious youth to positively impact the world.

The Residency

Nick Linck, the founder of The Residency, is on a mission to make higher education debt-free for everyone worldwide. Using his computer science degree from the University of Michigan, he drives positive societal change through entrepreneurship. Nick’s dedication to transforming higher education is fueled by his vision for a brighter future. Listen to the episode here.

Project Isizwe

Uncapping Education: Project Isizwe provides equitable internet access for schools and communities.

Founders: Tim Genders and Enzo Mpanza

Cause: Delivering quality internet connection to areas where people struggle to get it. 

The name isizwe means building a community or building a nation.

Tim Genders, Isizwe

Isizwe, a non-profit organisation, is dedicated to providing quality internet access to underserved areas in South Africa. Enzo Mpanz and Tim Genders share their vision for bridging the digital divide and improving the lives of low-income communities through accessible internet connectivity. Listen to the episode here.

Railey Morinario

Love Educator and Relationship Coach

Cause: dedicated her life to guiding individuals to break free from cycles of generational trauma and ignorance.

Relationship intelligence is the key foundation of all successful relationships.

Railey Morinario

Railey Morinario is a certified specialist in relationships, love, and intimacy, dedicated to helping individuals and couples build meaningful and satisfying partnerships. She is renowned for her acclaimed Power Couple PhD program, which empowers people to create lasting and fulfilling relationships. In her podcast episode, Railey shares her expertise in breaking free from generational trauma and ignorance, providing valuable insights for personal growth and successful relationships. Listen to the episode here.

Closing words

We hope that these conversations will inspire you and challenge you to think differently and act boldly. As we step into 2024, they remind us that with determination, creativity, and empathy, each one of us has the power to make a significant impact and drive positive change in our communities and beyond.

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