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LONDI's Rise: How Vidchutia Transformed into an International Fashion Brand
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 2 min read

Ukrainian clothing brand Vidchutia rebranded to LONDI, marking a new chapter in its journey. “Vidchutia” is a Ukrainian word that means “Feelings.” This name was likely chosen to emphasise the comfort and good sensation the company’s clothes bring. While the meaning behind the new brand name LONDI is not immediately clear, it is easier to remember and has global appeal, which is great for a brand looking to expand beyond its home country. LONDI aims to be a brand that people worldwide can relate to and remember, a key step in growing internationally. This rebrand is setting the stage for LONDI to make a mark in the global fashion scene.

Along with the name change, LONDI is introducing its latest collection, ‘Reborn,’ for the Autumn-Winter 2023-24 season. The brand now boasts its own production, a strong team, and is gaining recognition. The founder and CEO of LONDI, Yulkka, explains the change: 

In the past year, LONDI has evolved quickly. We’re not just changing; we’re starting anew with a complete rebrand. It’s a bold and diverse move. We’re moving from the local name Vidchutia, which means ‘Feeling’, to the more international LONDI. We’re ready to grow, face new challenges, and reach out to markets worldwide.

Yulkka, Founder and CEO of Londi

Continuing its journey into the international market, LONDI has secured the perfect web address: the exact brand match domain Securing is a key part of the company’s rebranding efforts, highlighting the thoughtfulness behind LONDI’s transformation.

Ukrainian clothing brand Vidchutia rebrands to LONDI

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