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The Keys to Lasting Relationships: An Interview with Railey, Relationship Coach and Love Educator
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We are delighted to welcome Railey Molinario to our podcast today. As a certified specialist in relationships, love, and intimacy, Railey is devoted to helping individuals and couples to build meaningful and satisfying partnerships through her acclaimed Power Couple PhD program.

Meet our guest

Name: Railey Molinario

What they do: Railey is an expert in relationships and love. She is the creator of The Power Couple PhD program, the world’s first couples coaching program that leverages the power of Relationship Intelligence through The Power Couple Success Method.

Fun fact: When asked to give an example of the three things people often misunderstand about relationships, Railey chuckled and replied, “Only three?”😂… There seem to be so many misconceptions out there!

Where to reach them:


When it comes to naming my brand, I questioned myself, “What am I providing to people?” since that is what I want to call my company. And for me, when I work with clients, I’m giving them tools and techniques that I didn’t have, so it’s truly about giving a piece of myself. Therefore, I opted to maintain my name as a brand name because it connects with my story.

Railey Molinario

Short overview

In this conversation with Railey, we delve into her background and what inspired her to become an expert love educator and relationship coach. We explore the transformative power of love and the role of relationship intelligence in creating healthy and happy partnerships. Railey shares why she chose to use her name as her brand, what sets her apart from her competitors, and how her program can help individuals and couples improve their relationships. She also discusses the common pitfalls that people fall into when it comes to relationships and how technology has affected our connections with others. Railey is relaunching her podcast in January. Tune in to learn more about how to build fulfilling and meaningful relationships and what are you likely getting wrong about love.

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