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Empowering Women in Finance: Angela Duncan's Journey to Success
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Our guest for this episode is Angela Duncan. Angela is Empower HER Money Podcast host, best-selling author, and speaker. With over 25 years dedicated to studying personal finance, Angela has refined her expertise, using it to inspire hope and empower others through financial literacy.

Meet our guest

Name: Angela Duncan

What they do: Angela hosts the highly acclaimed “Empower HER Money Podcast,” interviewing a diverse range of entrepreneurs who offer valuable insights and strategies for achieving financial independence.

Interesting fact: Angela had a tough childhood, but she never gave up. Her interest and passion in finance led to her creating Empower Her Money, a business focused on teaching women how to handle their finances.

Where to reach them:


Angela Duncan is Empower HER Money Podcast host

Many of my clients are female entrepreneurs who excel in running their businesses but struggle with managing their finances in business and at home. My aim is to help them achieve their goals in both areas, emphasising that business and personal finances shouldn’t be separate. We tackle both together.

Angela Duncan

You don’t think about what you were taught when you were younger and how it carries into adulthood until you really think about it and focus on it. Then you realise you have to work on changing that belief system, and it does take a lot of time. Understanding that this is where it started and this is where we want to be is important. It’s a process, and giving yourself the grace to get through that process is essential.

Angela Duncan

Short overview

Angela’s story is an inspiring tale of triumph over childhood abuse, leading to her success as an entrepreneur. The “Empower Her Money” concept emerged from a networking event with several women, where discussions about business challenges and the need for financial empowerment among women took centre stage. 

Angela explores the characteristics of her audience and the types of people who seek her guidance. We examine women’s common financial errors, such as maintaining a scarcity mindset and leaving financial decisions to their husbands. Angela stresses the necessity of shifting these attitudes and asserts the importance of women, whether married or divorced, taking charge of their financial choices. She offers advice on daily practices like writing down objectives, doing breathing exercises, and fostering positivity to achieve goals more efficiently. 

Addressing gender disparities in negotiation and finance, Angela notes that women often downplay their skills in job applications compared to men and advises women to avoid underpricing their services. She suggests doubling their desired rate to allow room for negotiation, pointing out that undervaluing themselves delays financial success. Angela emphasises the need for women to support each other, noting that while they excel in helping others, they often struggle to seek help or seize opportunities. She advises that men should be aware of these differences and might need to extend invitations more than once or actively encourage women to enhance female engagement.

Key moments

  • Strategies for Naming and Branding, with a Domain Name Focus (3:49)
  • Navigating Entrepreneurship, Wealth, and Personal Development (5:23)
  • Empowering Women: Personal Finance and Mindset (9:12)
  • Breaking Down Gender Disparities in Negotiations and Finances (16:17)
  • Tackling Gender Inequality in Sports: A Call to Action (21:46)

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