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Rohit Bhadange: Navigating Sales Tax Challenges and Revolutionising the Industry with Zamp
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Our guest for this episode is Rohit Bhadange, an entrepreneur with a diverse background that spans over private equity, real estate, and angel investing. Rohit is the co-founder and CEO of Zamp.

Meet our guest

Name: Rohit Bhadange 

What they do: Rohit is the co-founder and CEO of Zamp, a company dedicated to revolutionising the sales tax industry and providing businesses with the support they truly need.

Interesting fact: As Rohit and Edward Lando (founders of Zamp) were discussing what to name their company, Ed mentioned that he had purchased the domain a while back, even though he wasn’t sure what to do with it at the time. They both thought it was an excellent opportunity to use this domain name and decided to name the company Zamp. They liked it because it sounded fast and exciting, which they believed would be a strong branding asset, especially for a company dealing with sales tax.

Where to reach them:


Rohit Bhadange, Zamp, a sales tax consultancy firm

I’ve started buying my own domain names, whether for business or other things. Maybe it won’t happen, or maybe it will. But if online commerce continues to grow, and we keep building companies online, many of these domain names are going to get taken up really fast. So the value of your domain name, whether you use it or not, almost becomes like an investment.

Rohit Bhadange 

Having a strong four-letter domain name is crucial for marketing. If your name is easy to pronounce, say, and spell, it’s more likely to stick with customers and people in the ecosystem. Names are critical for recall in marketing. However, I’ve seen companies with fantastic domain names that aren’t great when you look under the hood and others with less impressive domain names that still excel.

Rohit Bhadange 

We (Zamp) offer a managed sales tax solution for businesses, simplifying complex tax processes from calculation to compliance. Our goal is to free businesses from sales tax hassles, allowing them to focus on growth and profitability. We serve various industries, including e-commerce, software, and digital services, with plans to expand internationally.

Rohit Bhadange 

Short overview

In the beginning of our discussion, Rohit Bhadange shares his personal background and entrepreneurial journey. He recounts his initial fascination with investing in public markets and later transitioning into the real estate sector, where he assembled a team specialising in property renovations and house flipping. We talk about the launch of Zamp, a sales tax consultancy firm, and the intriguing story behind naming it “Zamp,” which involved utilising a premium four-letter domain name owned by his college friend and co-founder, Ed.

Rohit shares his venture into domain name investments, his portfolio-building efforts, and the significance of a strong domain name for marketing purposes. He emphasises that while a domain name is not the sole determinant of a company’s success, it plays a role in directing people to the right location and aiding in recall.

We discuss the core of Zamp’s work, with Rohit underscoring the importance of efficient software management for businesses. He mentions that despite the availability of software, many teams still rely on accountants or outsourced CFOs to handle it, highlighting the need to streamline these processes. He also discusses Zamp’s recently launched API, which automates calculation processes based on input data.

Regarding AI’s role in tax and compliance, Rohit acknowledges its potential to enhance performance and efficiency but underscores the continued value of human creativity and problem-solving skills, especially in Zamp’s team-oriented approach.

On scaling and customer support in a growing business, Rohit emphasises the significance of investing in onboarding and account management to control support costs as customers expand. He touches on the challenges of self-serve solutions in the Risk and Compliance sector, stressing the importance of efficient support and automation for business scalability.

Looking ahead, Rohit expresses his focus on automation and operational efficiency, aiming to build a more robust product while actively seeking customer feedback in the coming year.

Key moments

  • Entrepreneurship journey and sales tax challenges (0:03)
  • Starting the Zamp company (7:10)
  • Investing and red flags in business. (10:03)
  • Domain names and their impact on a company’s success. (16:21)
  • Sales tax management software for businesses. (21:10)
  • Automation in sales tax compliance and customer support. (24:42)
  • Customer service and personalised interactions. (30:01)
  • AI’s role in tax and compliance. (33:00)
  • Scaling and supporting customers in a growing business. (37:58)

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