Brick-and-Mortar Meets Dot-Com: A Short Comedy

Premium domains and prime real estate are often compared – both serve as prestigious addresses, one in the virtual world, the other in the physical. Unfortunately, despite the internet’s maturity, the concept of premium domains remains unpopular for many entrepreneurs. This knowledge gap often results in dialogues that, for those more familiar with the digital […]

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A Short Guide to Buying a Premium Domain Name

We shortly describe the process of acquiring a premium domain name. Note not all cases are the same, but those are the most common steps.

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Discussing Domain Names as Brand Assets with ChatGPT

Guilty as charted, I couldn’t help it! Hello and welcome to our guest, ChatGPT by Openai. See what it has to say about domains.

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Is It Worth Paying for a Premium Domain Name?

As you consider the cost of your perfect domain name, it’s important to think about the long-term value it can bring to your brand.

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How Independent is Your Brand?

Independence Day Today, 4th of July, United States of America celebrates Independence Day. If you are born in America or you live there you probably know the history of Independence Day and the values that are commemorated each year. But let’s revisit the history really quick for the ones who don’t live in “the land of […]

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I don’t need to invest in a domain name, everyone finds me on Google anyway…or do they?

Here are some highlights that will make you think twice about investing in a strong domain name and building an independent brand on it.

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How did Stripe get its name?

Back in 2010, two brothers from Ireland, John and Patrick Collison, were joined by Greg Brockman to start a business that we all know today as Stripe. Greg shared the story of how they came up with the brand’s name. The initial product was a developer-focused payments API, so when it came to naming, most […]

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EXAU Olive Oil Interview with SmartBranding

Founded by Giuseppe and Skyler (husband and wife), EXAU Olive Oil specializes in the production of high-quality Italian extra virgin olive oil.  We had the pleasure to talk with Skyler and learn more about the company, the products they offer, and how they got to where they are now.  

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Risks and Benefits of Using Country Extension Domain Names

What are country domain extensions? Country domain name extensions, or country code top-level domain (ccTLD) are internet top-level domains generally used or reserved for sites based within a country, sovereign state, or dependent territory that identifies with a country code. Each country has their own domain extension specified by the International Standards Organization. ccTLDs consist […]

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James Currier, General Partner at NFX, a seed-stage venture firm headquartered in San Francisco on names

Every business has a name, that’s quite obvious and we can all agree that you can’t have a nameless business. Where opinions divide usually is the importance that is given to a name. Over the last couple of years we have conducted numerous interviews with entrepreneurs sharing their brand name stories. We also launched a […]

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