NextCar Rebrands to Autonomy

The Santa Monica startup NextCar announced its rebrand to Autonomy, with the matching domain name – NextCar offers short-term vehicle subscriptions. The business operated on the domain name, while another brand – a car rental business called NextCar International in Maryland, owns the domain. You can imagine the confusion that cost to […]

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James Currier, General Partner at NFX, a seed-stage venture firm headquartered in San Francisco on names

Every business has a name, that’s quite obvious and we can all agree that you can’t have a nameless business. Where opinions divide usually is the importance that is given to a name. Over the last couple of years we have conducted numerous interviews with entrepreneurs sharing their brand name stories. We also launched a […]

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Discussing Trademarks and Copyrights with Shane Rumbaugh

Shane Rumbaugh is an attorney in the United States who practices trademark, copyright and advertising law. He recognized a gap in the market wherein he felt “big law” rates were too expensive for smaller businesses and startups to affordably protect their brands. So, Shane started Rumbaugh Law PLLC to deliver the experience, polish and service associated with […]

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Cognitive biases applied to domain names

A cognitive bias by definition is a systematic error in thinking that affects how we judge the information we receive, and so the decisions we make as a result. We have that ability to create our own subjective reality based on our perception of the information input from the world around us. It is usually […]

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OpenSea is one of the most known marketplaces for NFTs. Even though you likely heard of it this year, OpenSea was founded back in 2017 by Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah. The brand launched on the domain name The .io domain name extension is the country code for the British Indian Ocean Territory. It has […]

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Marc Cloosterman on brand transformation and the challenges and exciting developments in the branding industry

Marc Cloosterman is the CEO of VIM Group, a leading firm in brand transformation. For the last 30 years Marc and his team have been specializing in making brand change happen. They help organizations navigate through the journey of bringing their brands to life. VIM Group operates globally for large national and international corporations, with clients […]

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Jim Heininger talks about rebranding, when is it needed and how to do it right

In this interview we talk about the process of rebranding, when is it needed, common mistakes made and some inspiring examples of rebranding done right.

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Robosoft’s MD and CEO about his brand and how digitalization is changing our lives

We touched on the story behind the brand name, their company culture, how has the pandemic affected their business, and his thoughts on how digitalization will continue to shape our lives.

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What happens with your brand when social media sites go down?

When social media platforms used by billions of people worldwide shut down, lives are disrupted and brands are cut off from customers. What would possibly happen to your brand?

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Fernando Nery on how to launch a startup and survive in a pandemic

Tatiana Bonneau had the pleasure to talk with one of the founders of PortĂŁo3 about how they managed to survive and thrive during the pandemic when so many established brands failed.

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