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Fernando Nery on How to Launch a Startup and Survive in a Pandemic
By Tatiana Bonneau access_time 2 min read

It is already challenging to launch a startup anytime, anywhere, in any industry. Launching one in a pandemic, in an industry that was one of the most affected by it, is a whole other story. I spoke to one of the founders of Portão3 about how they managed to survive and thrive when so many established brands failed.

Portão3 was born out of Fernando’s personal experience with corporate travel. He found that even though he was working for a company helping other businesses to jump on the digital acceleration train, their own corporate travel management was still done like 50 years ago. So he got a team together and Portão3 was born. What is quite unique with their brand is that they operate on and for Brazil, but they translate their brand name for different markets as they expand and get the local extension. Fernando says that he feels this way the brand resonates better with their audience and feels more familiar and personal.

Portão3 launched just as the COVID-19 pandemic was spreading globally, in an industry that was one of the first to get hit by it, and that suffered the most – travel. That did not scare the team though, it made them work harder and get more creative. And those efforts paid off. After getting a lot of No’s, Fernando finally got a yes. They got their fist client, in a time where nobody was traveling. And they not only got the business – they used it as an experience to learn from – by asking questions and listening to their client’s needs. Something that seems very logical, yet so many entrepreneurs fail to do, thinking they know best, just because.

We had to make the choice last year, we were building when COVID hit globally, we had to decide if this was something we still believe in or if this is something that will go wrong. 

Fernando Nery, Co-founder of Portão 3

Learn about how all that turned out in the full interview below.

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