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Brick-and-Mortar Meets Dot-Com: A Short Comedy
By Tatiana Bonneau access_time 5 min read

Premium domains and prime real estate are often compared – both serve as prestigious addresses, one in the virtual world, the other in the physical. Unfortunately, despite the internet’s maturity, the concept of premium domains remains unpopular for many entrepreneurs. This knowledge gap often results in dialogues that, for those more familiar with the digital real estate landscape, are both amusing and thought-provoking.

Let’s imagine, for a moment, that the scenarios domain name owners and brokers often encounter were to take place in the offices of real estate agents dealing with physical properties with global appeal. How would that look? I’ve asked ChatGPT for some help and here are some short stories that are based on real events. 🙂

Let me take it out of your hands

A man walks into a luxury real estate office on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, with an air of confidence that’s strangely incongruous with his flip flops and shorts. He points out the window at a stately mansion that could easily be Bruce Wayne’s vacation home.

You know, that old place must be a burden. All that maintenance, tax obligations, the dusting…

He pulls a crumpled $100 bill out of his pocket.

Why don’t you let me take it off your hands? Make it $200 if you throw in the pool cleaning.

The agent’s eyebrows rise so high they practically leave his forehead.

-For $200, I can offer you a nice framed picture of the property.

I have a $2000 budget, take it or leave it

An elegantly dressed woman strolls into a high-end Beverly Hills real estate agency. She walks past the listings of beachfront Malibu mansions and points at a $20 million listing.

-I have a $2000 budget,

…she announces, reaching out for some bills from her Gucci purse.

I can make a deposit now. Take it or leave it.

The agent looks from the money to the woman, then back to the money, and lets out a good-natured laugh, thinking it’s a well-constructed joke. But her unblinking stare tells him she’s serious. He gently pushes her money back across the desk, still chuckling as he calls for security.

Why can’t you give it to me for free, I have a good cause!

A young man enters a sleek real estate office overlooking the Miami beach. He goes straight to the section displaying high-end ocean-front properties and gestures at a luxurious penthouse.

Why can’t you just give it to me? You’re not using it.

The agent laughs, thinking the man is joking. But the man’s serious expression stops him.

-It’s for a good cause. I want to start a butterfly sanctuary.

The agent, caught between amusement and disbelief, pats his desk searching for his hidden candid camera, half-expecting Ashton Kutcher to jump out from behind a plant.

It’s for my dog

A middle-aged woman walks into a San Francisco real estate office, gazing at pictures of sprawling estates in Napa Valley. She settles her eyes on a $15 million wine estate.

She pulls out a tiny teacup poodle from her tote, placing him on the desk.

Muffin deserves the best. He needs room to run. And he loves wine.

-It’s a beautiful property indeed. The owner recently refused a $30 million offer.

$30 million? It’s for Muffin! I can’t spend that much!

Even then, madam, Muffin is cute and seeing him has made my day, but I doubt it will drop the estate’s valuation.

It hasn’t sold

A man confidently strides into a lavish real estate office in the heart of Paris. His gaze lands on a breathtaking $100 million chateau.

– This is overpriced! No one will buy it. Give me a shout when it doesn’t sell.

A year later, he’s back.

So, how much for your problem chateau now?

The agent, unable to hide a broad grin, replies,

Well, the ‘problem’ just escalated. It’s now $120 million.

The man’s jaw drops. The agent, still grinning, says:

Properties like that are like fine wine, my friend. They only get more valuable with time.

Nobody will buy it

A shrewd entrepreneur storms into a prestigious real estate office in London. He’s been eyeing a commercial property in the city’s financial district. It’s listed at a whopping $200 million.

You’re dreaming! No one will buy it at that price. You’ll be sitting on it forever!

A year later, he returns.

So, has reality set in? How much for your white elephant now?

The agent, suppressing a smirk, responds

-Funny you should ask. It sold for $220 million.

The man’s eyes widen in disbelief.

-But… but… Who would…?

The agent points out the window to a bustling new storefront across the street. The sign reads, “Coming Soon: Your Biggest Competitor Inc.”

As amusing as these exchanges may seem, they also serve as reminders of the misunderstanding that surrounds the valuation of digital real estate. While it might be easy to laugh off the absurdity, these stories highlight an essential reality: both domains and property are valuable assets, their prices are dictated by market dynamics, their rarity, and their potential to have a positive impact on any business.

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