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From Boutique to Brand: Ksenia's Journey of Personal Branding in Luxury Jewellery
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Today, our guest is Ksenia Mirella. Ksenia is a London-based entrepreneur, owner of the modern jewellery brand Ksenia Mirella.

Meet our guest

Name: Ksenia Mirella

What they do: Ksenia is the creator of the high-end jewellery brand Ksenia Mirella. Her collections are not just about looking beautiful – they have a deeper meaning and are full of symbols. Ksenia believes that symbols, shapes, and stones are important, and this belief is reflected in each piece of jewellery she creates.

Fun fact: When Ksenia first decided to try her hand at the jewellery industry, she walked into a boutique looking for a job. Little did she know, the first person she spoke to was actually the owner. Despite not having a resume or anything to show, Ksenia confidently struck up a conversation and left her phone number on a post-it note, urging them to call her back. The very next day, she received the exciting news that she had landed the job.

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Ksenia Mirella

Short overview

Before starting her jewellery brand, Ksenia had six years of experience in the industry. We discuss her background and how she landed her first job in a jewellery boutique. In 2019, Ksenia founded her brand, and we explore why she chose to name it after herself, as well as the challenges she faced and how she overcame them. Ksenia shares her marketing strategies and what has worked (and hasn’t worked) in her sector. We also touch on the impact of technology on the jewellery business and who Ksenia’s ideal customers are. We end our conversation with Ksenia revealing her plans to expand her jewellery line with more male-oriented products and sharing more exciting projects for the year ahead.

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