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From Tendermint to Ignite: A Rebranding that Sparks Change on the Frontier of Web 3
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 3 min read

In 2022, the founding team of the Cosmos ecosystem and leading developer of innovative tools for Web 3, Tendermint, underwent a rebrand and started operating under the trademark “Ignite”. The rebrand reflects Ignite’s position as a leader in accelerating the world’s transition to a decentralised future and empowering individuals and communities to thrive in the new era of mainstream blockchain services. As part of the rebrand, Ignite developed a new entity name, corporate brand, brand logo, and brand identity that embody the inclusivity and diversity of their evolved vision and mission.

Tendermint’s rebrand comes at a time of robust growth, driven by the remarkable success of its flagship products, Starport and Emeris, which caused its previous brand to no longer fully represent its vision and mission

The time is right to evolve our vision and mission, which we have already been building towards, by pivoting to a product-first focus. Our purpose is to provide accessibility to the benefits of blockchain technology on a global scale for both developers and end-users alike. As such, this rebrand reflects our larger ambition and significant growth as an established company and leader in the blockchain and crypto space.

Ignite’s team

Starport, the all-in-one platform for developers to build and launch any crypto app on a sovereign blockchain, has gained significant traction with over 30 production-grade chains and more than 500 experimental projects built on its developer-friendly technology available on GitHub.

The company has experienced rapid scaling, adding 90 new employees in 2021 and currently employing 120 individuals. The Ignite rebrand marks the beginning of a dynamic year ahead, with further exciting announcements expected regarding their business and product offerings.

The world is at an inflection point where accelerated growth in the Web 3 space will eventually see mass adoption of decentralized services in our everyday lives. We believe it is time to expand our focus to bring more people and organizations into this world. What we are developing are the necessary tools for individuals and organizations that will let them engage with and build innovative global communities. Our new brand represents the change we inspire by connecting everyone to this new world of decentralization and interoperability.

Peng Zhong, CEO of Ignite

The name “Ignite” perfectly encapsulates the company’s mission of sparking change and action within the blockchain industry. It symbolises a starting point for growth and innovation, inspiring creators to build the next breakthrough in blockchain technology, and encouraging users to embrace these services. 

As part of the rebranding efforts, Ignite secured the exact brand match domain name,, to consolidate its brand equity and enhance its online visibility. The acquisition of this premium domain name highlights Ignite’s commitment to investing in its brand and evolving with the changing market and advancements in technology positions the company at the forefront of the industry. 

Ignite has not only secured but also, which is evident from a WHOIS search. This practice of acquiring shorter domain names is a growing trend among companies seeking to enhance protection and ease of use, as seen with Twitter’s and GoDaddy’s Not only does this allow for a simplified online presence, but it also safeguards a business’s brand identity from potential infringement. By investing in multiple domain variations, businesses like Ignite can bolster their brand awareness and protect their online presence, making it an intelligent move for any company looking to establish a strong digital foothold.

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