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Unveiling the Trainual Journey: Jonathan Ronzio's Insights on Entrepreneurship and Brand Building
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Today, our guest is Jonathan Ronzio. He’s an entrepreneur, an avid marathon runner, a mountain climber, an award-winning adventure filmmaker (Between The Peaks), an outdoor content creator, and a gifted music creator.

Meet our guest

Name: Jonathan Ronzio

What they do: Jonathan is a visionary CMO and co-founder at Trainual, a revolutionary platform for seamless team collaboration. He’s also the genius behind BreakBot, a productivity-boosting Google Calendar add-on, and the host of the Apple Podcasts Top 100 show, The Stokecast, celebrating adventure, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

Interesting fact: Jonathan recalls that his older brother was a partner in his early ventures, which included landscaping, car wash businesses, and even a lemonade stand. Their collaborative journey continued through high school and college, where they founded a national event video company, capturing amateur sporting events and selling the resulting videos. This formative experience of working together as young entrepreneurs shaped his entrepreneurial spirit.

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Jonathan Ronzio is a visionary CMO and co-founder at Trainual, a revolutionary platform for seamless team collaboration.

The name and domain are nothing without a story; it’s essential to have who shares your company’s values, both for team-building and brand reputation.

Jonathan Ronzio

The name means nothing without the story and values behind it, and we’re intentional about communicating that.

Jonathan Ronzio

Short overview

Jonathan Ronzio’s diverse journey begins with childhood entrepreneurship alongside his brother (Chris), leading to ventures like event videography and adventure filmmaking. Now CMO at Trainual, he blends branding expertise with a passion for outdoor pursuits. 

As we talk about how working with family works, Jonathan shares how he and his brother complement each other rather than compete for the same things, highlighting their differences while also pointing out that they can both run a marathon together.

Jonathan recounts how his brother Chris’s consulting business spawned Trainual, a smart solution for streamlined onboarding and process documentation. The name emerged from a relaxed brainstorming chat, showcasing their talent for blending words in a truly unique way.

We explore how Trainual helps entrepreneurs with 10,000+ small businesses onboard; the app eases pain points for those juggling multiple roles. Jonathan’s dual role as CMO and CRO revolves around enhancing the brand’s reputation and revenue. He highlights the significance of brand value and alignment, incorporating training in their candidate screening process, with the name being the initial touchpoint, emphasising the necessity of a name’s story and values.

Jonathan explains why he decided to start a  personal brand on the matching domain name and how his experience as an adventure filmmaker helped him improve his marketing skills. We talk about artificial intelligence, the power of data and how knowledge is becoming a commodity. 

As we wrap up,  we glimpse into what the future holds for both Jonathan and the exciting journey of Trainual.

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