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Building a Personal Brand in the Culinary World: An Entrepreneurial Journey with Chef Dennis
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Today, our guest is Dennis Littley, better known as “Chef Dennis” amongst his following. Dennis is a classically trained chef with over 40 years of experience who has developed a strong personal brand. He has a website and blog where he shares helpful recipes for everyone. Dennis’s mission is to demonstrate that creating delicious restaurant-quality dishes in the comfort of one’s own home is easily achievable.

Meet our guest

Name: Dennis Littley or “Chef Dennis” 

What they do: Chef Dennis is a writer, photographer, recipe developer, and creator of Ask Chef Dennis®.

Fun fact:  Dennis’s earliest memory of cooking dates back to when he was around 3 or 4 years old, and he attempted to make frozen waffles by getting a step stool and placing them in a toaster. He didn’t realise he needed to turn on the toaster, so he ate them frozen.

Where to reach them:


I believe the most crucial branding decision I made was to put myself out there, as “ Ask Chef Dennis”, because my brand is me. At the time, many people were reluctant to show their faces in virtual blogging sessions, but I knew from my experience in the kitchen that people tend to do business with those they like, trust, and form a relationship with. By putting myself out there and showing my face, I was able to establish a personal connection with my audience, and that’s what helped me grow my brand.

Dennis Littley

Short overview

We discuss what inspired Dennis to start cooking and his earliest memory of attempting to prepare something in the kitchen. We delve into Dennis’s decades of experience, his cooking role models, and what has kept him in this profession for over 40 years. Dennis shares how and why he began his blogging career. We explore how he chose the name Ask Chef Dennis for his brand and what sets him apart from other food bloggers. We discuss the importance of diversifying one’s presence across different media outlets to drive organic traffic. Dennis, who has experience as a travel blogger, also provides insights on this topic and gives valuable tips on how to make a blog Google-friendly.

We also touch on how blogging and cooking have evolved over time. We discuss who can benefit from Dennis’s blog and whether anyone can truly learn to cook restaurant-style meals in a home setting. We conclude our interview by sharing what’s next for Dennis. Don’t miss the new recipes on his blog, and always cook with passion and soul, as that’s the secret ingredient for a perfect meal. 

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