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Creating Distinctive Brands: Insights from Brett Adcock on the Power of Unique Company Names
By Monica Stankova access_time 3 min read

Brett Adcock is an experienced entrepreneur who has built several successful companies in the software and internet space, as well as advanced hardware. One of his most notable ventures is Vettery, a machine learning-based talent marketplace that he founded in 2013. It grew rapidly and in February 2018, the company was acquired by The Adecco Group, the largest recruitment company staff in the world, for $110 million.

Brett Adcock also founded Archer, an electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft company that raised over $1.0 billion in capital, went public on the NYSE at a valuation of $2.7 billion. He is currently in the early stages of building his next company, Figure, a stealth AI Robotics company developing a general purpose humanoid, targeting labor shortages and jobs that are undesirable or unsafe.

In a recent Twitter post, Brett shared his expert insights on the crucial elements of crafting a successful company name. He emphasized the importance of uniqueness within the industry to effectively stand out and build a strong brand.

  • Unique in your Category: These days it’s really hard to stand out. Be unique and it will help build brand equity. Example: Warby Parker, incredibly unique for a glasses company, was a combination of two book characters.
  • Words that can be a Verb: I’ve found it helpful to find names that can be turned into verbs. This helps build your brand reputation and product marketing. Think Google, Photoshop, or Uber.
  • Limit your Syllables: The less syllables usually the better for a name. You want a name that is easy for the masses to say. The sweet spot is a 2-Syllable name (e.g. Nike, Apple).
  • Easy to Spell: This is straightforward yet I see far too many names that violate this rule. Don’t get cute and remove/add letters to a traditional word. Your name needs to be easy enough for a 7 year old to spell.
  • Able to acquire a Domain: 10 years ago it was still possible to get .com’s. Today, it’s highly challenging to find even the popular extensions (.io, .co, .ai). Make sure you are able to actually acquire some sort of domain extension that will work for your website & email.
  • Easy to Pronounce: I see far too many names that are too difficult to pronounce. Choose a name that can be pronounced easily by the masses and even internationally. Think Apple, Tesla, Nike.
  • Trademarking Available: There were 211,000 trademarks filed last year. This is +63% more than the prior year. The consequences of not checking before picking your name could mean you lose your name down the road. Do some early online searching to make sure you can Trademark.

Great company names are worth millions. Choosing a name is one of the most important decisions you will make as an entrepreneur.

Brett Adcock

Brett Adcock owns his name as a domain name,, where he provides valuable insights and updates on his projects and thoughts on building successful companies and making a positive impact on the world.

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