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Scott's Cheap Flights Rebrands to A Reflection of the Company's Dedication to Help People Travel and Experience the World
By Monica Stankova access_time 3 min read

Scott’s Cheap Flights, founded by Scott Keyes in 2015, began as a hobby after he stumbled upon a jaw-dropping deal on a roundtrip ticket from NYC to Milan. However, as the company evolved and grew, it expanded to offer a comprehensive travel service, including a cheap flight search engine, multiple newsletters, and a forthcoming mobile app. As the company has grown beyond just Scott and cheap flights, it was time for a rebrand to reflect the expanded offerings and services provided by the business.

I work with 65 amazing people and none of them are named Scott. Each week, we help thousands of people get unexpectedly cheap flights, and every time they write back to say ‘thank you, Scott,’ I feel supremely guilty! This company has dozens of people who deserve credit, not one person. While the name Scott’s Cheap Flights worked great when it was just me, I’m even happier to be at a company we’re all building together on our mission to help people travel the world, and that’s Going.

Scott Keyes, Co-founder at

Going was chosen as the new brand name for Scott’s Cheap Flights after a thorough review process with Design Studio. The new name speaks to travel in a broader sense and is timeless, borderless, memorable and aligns with the company mission to help people travel and experience the world.

We knew it was time for a brand change that recognized both where we are today and could also grow with us into the future. The name Going has this sense of motion and excitement to it that fits perfectly for a travel company like ours.

Brian Kidwell, Co-founder and CEO at

The team also decided to invest in a new domain name,, which is shorter, more memorable, and reflective of the company’s mission to help people travel and experience the world. The new domain name not only enhances brand recall but also allows for more flexibility and future growth as it is more versatile and not limited to just cheap flights.

The switch to represents a shift in the company’s focus from just finding deals on flights to providing a comprehensive travel service for its customers.

Going embarked on a transformative journey with their rebrand, introducing the new name in a dynamic and impactful manner through a video that not only showcased the new identity but also shared the company’s vision for the future.

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