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Mary Harcourt, founder and CEO of CosmoGlo on entrepreneurship, COVID pivots and launching a product
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Today we talk with Mary Harcourt, entrepreneur, speaker, founder and currently CEO of CosmoGlo Lighting.

Meet our guest

Name: Mary Harcourt

What they do: Mary is the founder and CEO of CosmoGlo, a patented light for the beauty industry. She is a serial entrepreneur, avid traveler and a public speaker.

Where to reach them:


That’s the thing with great products, they are so simple, they just make sense. And so we made a product that just made sense, it’s so simple!

Mary Harcourt, founder & CEO, CosmoGlo

Short overview

Mary took a napkin sketch idea and turned it into an innovative product through American manufacturing as a pivot during COVID. Now on the verge of being a globally distributed product, CosmoGlo has experienced hockey stick success out of the gate. Fully patented in 30 countries and with a successful first win against a European infringer. Mary shares her story, advice, and insight on her journey through product launching, scaling, and American manufacturing. We also talk about pet pigs. But you have to get to the end for that!

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