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Krutarth Shah helps inventors connect with investors
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Our guest today is Krutarth Shah, founder and CEO of Avon River Ventures. He is an ex-Investment Banker who now helps Inventors connect with Investors.

Meet our guest

Name: Krutarth Shah

What they do: Krutarth Shah is the venture capitalist, founder, and CEO at Avon River Ventures. Avon River Ventures is a global independent Venture Funding Group that works with Commercial Banks, VCs, PE firms, Angel Investors, High Net Worth Individuals, Sovereign Funds, Hedge Funds, Real Estate Investment Trusts, Insurance, and Pension Funds.

Where to reach them:


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Krutarth Shah

Short overview

We talk about Krutarth background and what inspired him to start his own business. Krutarth shares how he came up with the company’s name. We discuss the challenges Avon River has faced and how it has managed to remain resilient in the face of the COVID pandemic. We address typical mistakes company owners make while trying to expand their businesses and get financing. We touch on valuable domain names as long-term investments.

Other resources

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