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Unlocking LinkedIn's Hidden Treasure: The Power of Comments with Bogomil Stoev and Commenter AI
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Our guest for this episode is Bogomil Stoev, an entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in digital marketing. Over the years, he has gained expertise as an affiliate marketer, digital marketing consultant, conversion rate optimization expert, CMO, and podcast host.

Meet our guest

Name: Bogomil Stoev

What they do: Bogomil is currently developing, a cutting-edge AI-powered platform designed to streamline the comment generation process, save valuable time, and enhance your professional image on LinkedIn. The goal is to help you attract more clients and grow your online presence on LinkedIn.

Bogomil Stoev, , podcast

Keep commenting, you’re one comment away from the biggest opportunity in your business (and life).

Bogomil Stoev

Interesting fact: Prior to CommenterAI, Bogomil successfully built two brands in the e-commerce space, generating seven figures in revenue.

Where to reach them:


The real treasure on LinkedIn is in the comments. Engaging with your audience reveals their needs and interests, guiding your content strategy and attracting connections and opportunities.

Bogomil Stoev

Content strategy without a commenting strategy on LinkedIn is incomplete. When starting out, a commenting strategy often yields better results than a content strategy. Comments help you get noticed and connect with potential clients, partners, and more. Unlike posting, there are no daily limits to commenting, making it a potent tool for engagement and growth.

Bogomil Stoev

Short overview

Bogomil shares his entrepreneurial journey and the origin of Commenter AI. We explore the naming process and the selection of “Commenter AI” as the brand name. He defines the platform’s purpose, its utility in aiding users to generate more effective comments through AI-powered insights, and its broad applicability. Bogomil elaborates on the advantages of a commenting strategy, emphasizing how LinkedIn posts can bolster visibility and attract potential clients by showcasing engagement and expertise in specific subjects. He underscores the untapped potential of LinkedIn’s comment section, where valuable content insights are discovered through addressing audience queries, challenges, and preferred language. Bogomil stresses the importance of LinkedIn comments, noting that crafting effective ones can be more demanding than creating content. To simplify this process, the Commenter AI platform streamlines the comment-writing process, offering efficiency, especially for newcomers aiming for a quicker impact. At the end of our conversation, Bogomil highlights common LinkedIn commenting mistakes, emphasizing consistent engagement, active participation, and responding to comments under your posts to cultivate a genuine LinkedIn community.

Key moments

  • Bogomil shares his entrepreneurial journey and how he leveraged AI to streamline comment generation for businesses. (00:50)
  • Commenter AI helps users generate more effective comments with AI-powered insights.
  • Commenting strategy on LinkedIn for personal branding. (04:00)
  • Using LinkedIn comments for content strategy. (14:01)
  • LinkedIn commenting best practices and AI tool usage. (23:00)

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