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Austine Esezobor: Unveiling Brand Search Optimization, Corroboration, Knowledge Graphs and Domain Consistency
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Our guest for this episode is Austine Esezobor, an SEO Consultant specialising in Brand SERP optimisation. He is also the Founder and Host of the Democratizing SEO Podcast.

Meet our guest

Name: Austine Esezobor

What they do: Democratizing SEO is a media brand by Austine that aims to spread the awareness of SEO to everyone in a business that can impact their website’s performance.

Interesting fact: Austine has nearly 15 years of experience in the field of SEO, having worked both on the client side and agency side, and he’s been a consultant for nearly five years. Austine’s expertise covers everything you see on the search engine results pages (SERPs), with a particular emphasis on the Google Knowledge Graph. 

Where to reach them:


Austine Esezobor, Democratizing SEO

In terms of domain names, not matching is a trust and confidence issue. If your competitors make it easy for Google to trust and have confidence in their brand, and you do not, Google highly favors them over you.

Austine Esezobor

To ensure your message is correct, consider who you are, what your brand does, and the audience you’re targeting.

Austine Esezobor

Short overview

In this podcast, Austine explains brand search optimisation, focusing on how brands appear in Google search results. He highlights the importance of the Google Knowledge Graph and mentions Jason Barnard as an influential figure in this field. Austine emphasizes feeding Google accurate information through websites and the need for succinct messaging.

He also discusses the significance of corroboration in online information and the role of SEO in brand visibility. Austine notes that people will search for your brand, whether you actively engage in SEO or not. Google plays a pivotal role in controlling online traffic and improving user experience.

We touch on the importance of knowledge graphs, organic results, and user expectations for consistency. Google continuously adapts its search results based on real-time events.

Consistency in domain names is crucial, especially as Google introduces AI into search. User trust and confidence in Google are paramount for effective information delivery. Austine stresses the need to democratize SEO knowledge across various departments within a company to achieve better collective SEO performance. At the end, Austine shares the story behind the name of Democratizing SEO Podcast, emphasizing that SEO is not just a department’s responsibility but a collective effort, echoing his belief that every person within a business should have an appropriated awareness of SEO.

Key moments

  • How the Smart Branding podcast started. (1:43)
  • What is brand search optimisation? (6:15)
  • The importance of having corroboration. (13:37)
  • Knowledge graphs and organic results. (19:45)
  • Consistency in domain names. (25:28)
  • How did Austine choose the name of Democratizing SEO Podcast? (32:34)

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