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Forward Kitchens Rebrands to Superorder and Secures $10M Series A: Serving Innovation in the Restaurant Industry
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

Founded in 2019, Superorder is a leading software platform providing essential tools to restaurants looking to improve profitability through delivery and takeout with virtual brands. Formerly known as Forward Kitchens, the company has changed its name to align with its expanded vision and offerings.

For most restaurants, digital revenue is becoming an increasingly larger share of their business, making tools like third-party delivery platforms, virtual restaurants, and online ordering imperative to compete and remain successful. In the same way that it’s largely illogical not to use Shopify when building an e-commerce store, a simple, consolidated, and automated platform to run all delivery & takeout revenue will become the obvious choice for any restaurant. Superorder’s mission is to simplify tech adoption to give restaurant owners time to invest in their core business, which is cooking great food.

Raghav Poddar, CEO of Superorder

Following the rebrand, the company also closed a $10M Series A and angel funding round led by Foundation Capital. These strategic moves pave the way for Superorder to further refine its innovative solutions and expand its reach in the industry.

With convenient digital delivery and take-out driving an ever-growing share of restaurant sales, Superorder helps restaurateurs accelerate profitable growth while running a smoother operation. Having founded and grown a restaurant tech company earlier in my career, I was especially excited to invest in Superorder, which is leading the next generation of technology to help local restaurants succeed and grow.

Angus Davis, General Partner at Foundation Capital

The name change is not an unusual move; many companies rebrand when their original names no longer reflect their growing range of services and expanding visions. Superorder has further increased its brand value by investing in the exact brand match domain, opening new growth and development opportunities. 

Forward Kitchens Rebrands to Superorder

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