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WooCommerce Simplifies its Name to Woo, Unveiling a More Memorable and Impactful Brand
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

WooCommerce, a leading open-source ecommerce platform, has revealed its rebrand to Woo. This simplistic identity resonates with many of the customers who have long referred to the brand as ‘Woo’. With this rebrand, the company aims to strengthen its market presence, adopting a name that reflects the innovation and reliability of the ecommerce solutions it provides.

“Woo” is how many loyal customers have referred to us for years. And now we’re leaning into that name for our company and brand. It’s a fun, punchy name that shows how excited we are to empower success for merchants and developers. Switching to is part of this larger strategy.

David Callaway, VP Creative and Communications

The transition from WooCommerce to Woo simplifies and unifies the brand identity, preventing fragmentation and aligning with the name already embraced by customers.

The rebrand gives an opportunity to rationalise the names of the products and services that the company offers, such as Woo Marketplace, WooExperts and others. Now, while ‘Woo’ represents the overarching brand, ‘WooCommerce’ remains the designation for Woo’s flagship product, the open-source ecommerce platform for WordPress. will become This domain migration is part of a broader effort to make our “Woo” branding system clearer for our merchants, developers, community, and shoppers. We’re consolidating the way we use the Woo brand. You can expect to see more Woo-owned services or extensions with the name Woo at the front to make it more apparent where it comes from and to build on the trust and reliability of our core brand.

Woo’s team

By investing in a three-letter .com domain name, Woo significantly strengthens its competitive advantage. Three-letter .com domains are known for their brevity and flexibility. With only 17,576 possible three-letter combinations, securing such a domain is reflective of Woo’s commitment to its long-term vision and investment in the brand’s future. 

WooCommerce rebrands to Woo

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