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Brooklyn Org: Empowering Communities Through Rebrand and Domain
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 2 min read

The Brooklyn Community Foundation, a notable non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting local communities in Brooklyn, has recently rebranded and invested in the matching web address. The organisation changed its name to simply Brooklyn Org and secured the simpler –  a significant upgrade from the longer and less intuitive for users

Jocelynne Rainey, President and CEO of Brooklyn Org, shares that the rebrand was not just about the web address.y removing the words ‘community foundation’ from its name, the organisation aims to clarify its mission and dispel misconceptions about its role. Rainey explained that Brooklyn Org is not a top-down philanthropy or foundation that imposes decisions on the community. Instead, it prioritises community input and acts on the needs identified by Brooklyn residents.

We decided to purchase because we believe we are so deeply Brooklyn that we wanted our URL to be Brooklyn.

Jocelynne Rainey, President and CEO of Brooklyn Org for NYTimes

The rebrand is part of an effort to cast a wider net and engage with various Brooklyn communities, including those with both needs and potential donors. Brooklyn Org seeks to bridge the gap between the significant number of nonprofits in Brooklyn and the limited charitable funding they receive. 

The choice of .org domain extension is no accident. For years, it has been linked with organisations committed to social causes, philanthropy, and community improvement. It inherently communicates trustworthiness and credibility, serving as a clear indicator to visitors that the website represents a purpose-driven entity.

This rebrand and domain upgrade demonstrates Brooklyn Org’s commitment to empowering local communities, fostering inclusivity, and reinforcing its identity as a dedicated Brooklyn organisation. 

Brooklyn Org

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