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Saudi Airlines Catering Rebrands to CATRION, Stepping into a New Era of Growth and Innovation
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

Saudi Airlines Catering, a business with a rich 42-year legacy, has embarked on a new journey with a rebrand to CATRION. This new identity marks the company’s strategic evolution, aiming to explore and embrace new opportunities in varied sectors such as retail, healthcare, railways, and integrated facilities management.

Our unwavering commitment to innovation has been the hallmark of the continued growth and success of CATRION. The new brand positioning signifies the bold direction we are taking and reflects the company’s energy and dynamism at this exciting point in our evolution.

Mohammed Abdulaziz Al-Sarhan, Chairman of CATRION

The rebrand to CATRION enhances the company’s ability to diversify its offerings and enter emerging growth sectors.

Our name includes the word CATERING, our core expertise and pride. With the addition of ON, we express our forward-thinking ambition for diversification, innovation and globalisation. CATRION perfectly aligns with our steadfast commitment to adaptability and expansion within an ever-evolving industry.

CATRION’s team

By moving from the limiting to, the company is broadening its horizons, embracing a global perspective that allows for expanded opportunities and potential to grow far beyond its established catering roots. This combination of strategic changes positions CATRION to navigate the future with greater flexibility and potential for innovation.

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