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Brands and Beyond: A Conversation with Industrial Designer Jackson Hedden
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Our guest today is Jacskon Hedden, an industrial designer whose company designs unique products for startups, companies, and everything in between.

Meet our guest

Name: Jackson Hedden

What they do: Founder of Jackson Hedden LLC, a design house providing contemporary industrial design, brand design, and UX/product design.

Interesting fact: When Jackson was a kid, and money was tight in his family, he took it upon himself to take apart broken computers and other gadgets lying around. This adventure sparked his curiosity about how things work on the inside and their designs. His childhood exploration paved the way for his journey into industrial design.

Where to reach them:


We lose it on clients when they buy anything other than a .com. It just makes things much harder for you. If a competitor with the .com name enters the scene, people will automatically assume they’re the real deal, putting you at a disadvantage. 

Jackson Hedden

Short overview

Our conversation with Jackson covers a range of exciting topics, beginning with his journey into industrial design. We look into the importance of due diligence in the design process. Jackson provides invaluable insight into the strategic factors involved in selecting the ideal brand name. We explore the decision-making process in naming a business after oneself, the growing desire for a personal touch from businesses and curiosity about the faces behind the company.  Jackson talks about industry-specific red flags to look at and how he is shifting his business to becoming more of a contract manufacturer. We take a closer look at the process of choosing the perfect brand name and domain. At the end of our talk, Jackson gives us an insight into his future plans.

Key moments

  • How did Jackson get into industrial design? (0:12)
  • The importance of due diligence in design. (4:00)
  • What is Jackson’s reasoning for choosing the right brand name? (9:29)
  • Naming your company after yourself. (13:17)
  • How to choose a brand name and domain. (19:11)
  • Red flags to look out for in the industry. (24:17)
  • Becoming more of a contract manufacturer. (29:01)
  • What’s next (32:04)

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