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Latch Rebrands to, Opening the Door to New Opportunities
By Monica Stankova access_time 3 min read

In a strategic move echoing Jamie Siminoff’s successful rebrand of DoorBot to Ring – which elevated the company in the home security sector – the former Ring CEO is now turning his attention to Latch, Inc. The company announced its upcoming rebrand to, a decision aimed at amplifying its vision of “unlocking the potential of the Honest Day’s Worker.” 

The company will continue its core access control business with the Latch brand, while introducing new brands under the umbrella. Set to launch in 2024, aims to empower independent service workers across industries to manage and grow their businesses.

The door is where the Honest Day’s Worker meets their customer and where Latch products and services provide best-in-class access control solutions. I’ve spent the last decade of my career focused on the front door as the gateway to the community, and I’m proud to now unlock the door for our critical Honest Day’s Workers and their businesses. We’re here to invent and build, and we won’t stop until we deliver a platform that improves the lives of every service provider and building operator.

Jamie Siminoff,

Siminoff joined Latch after leaving Ring in May, five years after the company was acquired by Amazon for over $1.2 billion. His entry into Latch came when the company acquired his latest startup, Honest Day’s Worker. Siminoff shed light on the brand’s limitations in a conversation with The Verge, saying:

Latch is a great brand for locks, but I do think it was too constrained. Even if you go back to latch before I was part of it… they had this vision of services and other things. I think Latch was too constrained on expanding that vision.

Jamie Siminoff for The Verge

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Latch Rebrands to

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