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Unlocking Success Online: Darwin Liu's Insights into Digital Marketing
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Our guest for this episode is Darwin Liu, the founder and CEO behind X Agency – a dynamic team of growth engineers and digital storytellers.

Meet our guest

Name: Darwin Liu

What they do: X Agency offers expert-level service in paid search, search engine optimisation, and paid social marketing strategies built explicitly for eCommerce businesses.

Interesting fact: Darwin got into online marketing in 2008 when he Googled “How to get rich online,” launching a career that initially involved affiliate-type offers, including free promotions. He later moved into conventional employment and eventually established his agency, X Agency, which now has a team of over 20 employees and a diverse portfolio of satisfied clients.

Where to reach them:


Darwin Liu, the founder and CEO behind X Agency

Domain names 100% matter, not just for SEO, but for branding value. Even when a client didn’t have a brandable domain initially, investing in one paid off in a few months, it increased conversion rates, improved SEO, and proved to be a worthwhile investment in the long run.

Darwin Liu

Short overview

From early successes to overcoming challenges, Darwin’s path eventually led to establishing his successful agency, X Agency. We discuss the importance of learning from failures in entrepreneurship and discover what sets a performance agency apart. Find out why having an explicit domain name strategy matters and how artificial intelligence changes the game. Darwin shares insights into his other ventures, including, where he caters to the needs of bully breed dogs with clothing, and his domain, We also touch on the importance of domain protection and the consequences of overlooking renewals.

Key moments

  • How did Darwin get to do what he does? (0:09)
  • The importance of failures in entrepreneurship. (4:23)
  • What we do differently as a performance agency. (9:42)
  • Do you need a domain name strategy? (13:54)
  • How do you see artificial intelligence affecting what you do? (18:05)
  • What are you up to right now? (22:24)

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Other resources

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