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COING Rebrands to A New Chapter in Business Software Ecosystems
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

In business since 2009 and known for its expertise in SaaS-based productivity, communication, and time management solutions, COING has refreshed its brand identity. With this transformation, the company aims to better represent its business software ecosystem. Known for products like Clockify, Pumble, and Plaky, COING will now operate under the new brand name, CAKE.COM.

We are CAKE.COM — Powerful, sweet, and simple. We are evolving our brand to better communicate the breadth of expertise that truly represents and realign it with our refined value proposition and vision. Our journey started with a vision to create a company that empowers individuals and teams to do their best work, based on trust, integrity, and courage to generate innovative ideas. Today marks a significant milestone in our journey and gives us a chance to reflect on everything that COING stood for and everything we aspire to become as we move forward.

Before the rebrand, COING used the domain name, which shares a similar name with a logistics company that owns This type similarity often leads to confusion among customers and business partners, resulting in traffic and email leaks, as well as ineffective advertising. 

.ng is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Nigeria. Startups often choose compromise domain extensions when they are not yet ready to invest in a .com domain that matches their brand name. While country code domains can offer a broader selection of available names, they may also introduce potential risks and challenges.

The move to CAKE.COM represents a significant upgrade for the company as it is a premium CVCV domain name. These short, easy-to-pronounce and memorable words have a positive and bouncy sound, making them appealing to customers of different languages and cultures. Renowned brands such as Nike, Dove, Visa, Sony, Lego, Bose, Puma, and others utilise the power of CVCV domain names.

By switching to a dictionary domain like CAKE.COM, a business not only solves the problems of confusion and misdirected communication, but also positions itself more prominent in the competitive SaaS landscape. This investment in a high-value domain implies a commitment to increasing brand visibility and improving the customer experience.

COING Rebrands to The move to CAKE.COM represents a significant upgrade for the company as it is a premium CVCV domain name.

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