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SaaS Product Growth - What are You Getting Wrong, with Vishal Rewari from Optiblack
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We are delighted to welcome Vishal Rewari to our podcast today. Vishal is an accomplished professional with more than 10 years of experience working on multi-disciplinary projects with startups, SMEs, large corporations, and government organisations. 

Meet our guest

Name: Vishal Rewari

What they do: Vishal is the driving force behind Optiblack, a company dedicated to aiding SaaS organisations to increase their onboarding and retention rates through product optimization and strategic planning.

Fun fact: Vishal’s fascination with computers began at an early age, inspired by the computer course his eldest sister was taking. This passion eventually blossomed into a successful career.

Where to reach them:


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Vishal Rewari

Short overview

In this podcast, we discuss Vishal’s background and what sparked his interest in computers and software engineering. He is now the head of Optiblack, a company that specialises in problem-solving for entrepreneurs. We explore how entrepreneurs can recognize when they have a problem and reach out for help. Vishal also talks about the story behind the company’s name and the services they offer, as well as their target customer and focus. He shares his thoughts on the importance of a good name and domain in the onboarding and retention process. At the end of our conversation Vishal outlines his plans for Optiblack’s future.

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