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Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Social Media Marketing with Hannah Acosta
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Today our guest is Hannah Acosta. Hannah is a highly skilled Social Media Manager with a strong track record in the marketing and advertising sector and the non-profit arena. While working at Ugly Mug Marketing in Alexandria, Louisiana, she has developed her expertise in Social Media, particularly in the areas of Facebook advertising, strategic planning, and content development on both Instagram and Facebook.

Meet our guest

Name: Hannah Acosta

What they do: Hannah is the head of the Social Media Department at Ugly Mug Marketing, where she has executed over 4,000 successful campaigns. Her expertise helps small businesses and entrepreneurs navigate the digital marketing landscape and establish a predictable system for generating leads and sales. She is also committed to nurturing young talent in the industry.

Fun fact: Hannah was offered a position at Ugly Mug Marketing after her interview with the company, but she could not accept the offer due to conflicting schedules. She continued her job search but was later approached again by the company after they were able to adjust their timelines. This time, Hannah was able to accept the job.

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In marketing, there is a natural progression that occurs, not just in social media. The objective is to take individuals from being a stranger to your brand to becoming a friend, then a customer, and finally, raving evangelist who is eager to refer others to your business.

Hannah Acosta

It’s crucial to diversify your marketing efforts and not rely solely on social media platforms. Although we may have a presence on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, we do not have complete control over these accounts and could potentially face the consequences such as account suspension. To mitigate this risk, it’s essential to establish multiple touchpoints with our customers. One highly effective method is email marketing, as having a robust email list allows us to communicate directly with our clients and ensure the continuity of our marketing efforts.

Hannah Acosta

Short overview

We explore Hannah’s background, from her prior experience working in non-profit organisations to her current role at Ugly Mug Marketing. Hannah reveals the story behind the company’s unique name and provides insight into the services offered. With her extensive knowledge in marketing, we ask her to share the top three things she would advise entrepreneurs and business owners to stop doing regarding social media marketing. We also discuss the significance of effective email marketing and touch upon the growing impact of artificial intelligence and chatbots on marketing as a whole. Hannah shares her professional perspective on domain names and offers practical advice for those starting a career in marketing. We highlight what’s new and exciting for Hannah and Ugly Mug this year.

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