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Unlocking Business Success: Insights and Strategies from Sohin Shah, a Prolific Entrepreneur and Investor
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Our guest for this episode is Sohin Shah, entrepreneur, angel investor and startup mentor. He is passionate about startups and loves discussing new ideas.

Meet our guest

Name: Sohin Shah

What they do: Sohin is a Co-Founder at InstaLend, a tech-enabled lender for real estate loans, providing fast, affordable and convenient capital to real estate developers.

Interesting fact: Sohin has invested as an angel investor in over 160 young businesses, providing him with invaluable insights into what is needed for a company to succeed and avoid failure.

Where to reach them:


Sohin Shah, entrepreneur, angel investor and startup mentor, InstaLend

When your business is doing well, and you don’t have a .com domain, someone will buy it and redirect your customers to their site, causing you to lose potential business. Customers often instinctively click on the .com link, assuming it’s the official website they intended to visit.

Sohin Shah

Fundraising distractions can hinder business growth. It’s wiser to focus on achieving product-market fit and consistent revenue positivity before seeking investments.

Sohin Shah

Growth shouldn’t rely on burning through cash every month. Building a business by being positive on every unit of economics is a more sustainable and disciplined approach. It allows you to scale without constantly seeking external funding, even in challenging times like the onset of COVID-19.

Sohin Shah

Short overview

At the beginning of our conversation, Sohin shares his journey of bootstrapping a fast-growing private company. We talk about InstaLend’s role as a US-wide real estate lender, specializing in rapid closings to secure deals and discuss the choice of the name “InstaLend,” selected for its simplicity and alignment with the company’s emphasis on speed and efficiency.

Sohin explains why they chose to invest in an exact brand match domain name and discusses the most challenging obstacles they faced on their journey to success. Our conversation spans topics of entrepreneurship, fundraising, and business expansion, touching upon the burgeoning enthusiasm surrounding the initiation and investment in AI projects. Wrapping up, Sohin talks about his upcoming plans on both the business and personal side.

Key moments

  • Entrepreneurship, fast-growing private companies, and real estate lending. (4:10)
  • Domain names, branding, and bootstrapping a business. (9:28)
  • Entrepreneurship, fundraising, and business growth. (15:49)
  • Business naming and investing. (21:14)
  • AI, angel investing, and the future of the economy. (25:59)

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