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Liberty Charge Rebrands to Believ to Better Reflect its Mission ‘Cleaner Air for All’
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

Liberty Charge, a leading operator of electric vehicle (EV) charging points, has unveiled its new identity as Believ. The rebrand is a strategic move to more accurately represent the company’s capabilities to provide a comprehensive range of charging speeds, to signal its expansion into the business sector, and to underscore its commitment towards promoting cleaner air for all.

Since our inception three years ago, Liberty Charge has been growing and developing to support the vital rollout of EV charging infrastructure through engagement with communities and supporting clean air targets. Today we can install, manage and maintain all speeds of publicly accessible chargepoints at zero cost to both the public sector and business sectors. To ensure we never lose sight of our mission for ‘cleaner air for all’, Liberty Charge is rebranding and will be known as Believ.

Perran Moon, CMO of Believ

It’s not uncommon for businesses to rebrand after they’ve outgrown their name, as seen by companies like  Howdy, Denim, Advisely, Hapana and Deft, among others.

Believ has made a significant stride in enhancing its brand value by acquiring the exact match domain name, This strategic move has opened up new opportunities for the company’s growth and development. The brand name is a clever combination of the words “believe” and “EV,” which aligns with the company’s mission and activity in the electric vehicle sector.

As securing dictionary words as brand and domain names becomes increasingly challenging, entrepreneurs often turn to made-up, brandable names. These types of names offer storytelling possibilities, which can captivate and engage the audience, making marketing efforts more effective. With its catchy and memorable brand name, Believ has set itself up for success in the competitive world of electric vehicles.

Liberty Charge Rebrands to Believ

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