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Enhancing Engagement and Profitability: The Launch of Max"
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 2 min read

Warner Bros. Discovery recently announced the birth of Max, a new streaming service that combines the content libraries of HBO Max and Discovery+. This strategic move aims to address the shortcomings of both services, enhance engagement, and increase profitability.

By combining the two platforms, Max will offer a more extensive and diverse content library, with personalised recommendations and interactive ad units, such as pause ads. The new service will also provide more options for customising the viewing experience, with a new ad-free subscription tier offering better video quality. Max will continue to produce HBO Originals and Max Originals and provide exclusive access to new movies after their theatrical release. This will ensure that subscribers have access to the latest and greatest content while at the same time offering an immersive and engaging streaming experience.

HBO Max was initially launched in May 2020 as a rebranding of HBO, with the aim of combining the best of HBO with a broader range of content from WarnerMedia’s other networks and studios.

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The launch of Max in the US on May 23 is just the beginning. The new service will be available in LATAM in the fall and in Europe and Asia next year, providing a global platform for the best HBO Max and Discovery+ content.

HBO Max is now Max

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