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Outgrowing the Name: Austin Software Rebrands to Howdy to Reflect Expanding Horizons
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

Founded in 2018, Howdy (formerly Austin Software) specializes in connecting top software engineering talent from Latin America with innovative tech employers in the United States. Howdy’s comprehensive talent acquisition, salary and benefit management, equipment provision and ongoing mentoring, provide tech companies with the tools they need to establish strong, long-term engineering teams, and cultivate a thriving engineering community in Latin America.

In August 2022, the company received a major boost to its growth and expansion when it successfully raised $13 million in Series A funding led by Greycroft. Subsequently, in November 2022, the company announced that it had outgrown its original name and rebranded itself as Howdy.

As we’ve grown exponentially over the years, and just like we’ve outgrown our office spaces, so too have we outgrown our name. We are in a new era and we’re super proud of what we’ve accomplished so far and are even more thrilled for what is to come.

Jacqueline Samira, Founder and CEO at Howdy

The new name, Howdy, was carefully selected to embody the company’s approachable and friendly nature. It reflects the organization’s dedication to delivering outstanding service and fostering deep, enduring connections with its clients. As an informal greeting commonly used in Texas, “Howdy” not only encapsulates the company’s core values and principles, but also pays homage to its regional origins.

Howdy is an informal greeting used in Texas, which perfectly captures not only the essence and values of our company but also our roots. Howdy reflects everything that we are: open-minded, friendly, warm, and a little bit weird. Everything we are and strive to be.

Jacqueline Samira, Founder and CEO at Howdy

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