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Rebranding From AngelList Talent to Wellfound: How a Spin-Off is Fueling Growth and Innovation in the Startup World
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

AngelList, the online investment platform and venture community, has announced that it has officially spun off its startup employment service, AngelList Talent, into a standalone company called Wellfound. The spin-off allows AngelList to focus on its core business of connecting startups with investors, while Wellfound can expand its mission to connect startups with top talent.

As the startup world has matured, so have we. AngelList Venture and AngelList Talent have grown into distinct businesses. We serve different customer bases within startups and the broader startup ecosystem, and their needs are constantly evolving.

Amit Matani, CEO of Wellfound

Founded in 2010, AngelList has been instrumental in helping startups by facilitating the fundraising process for startups through AngelList Venture and by connecting startups with top talent through AngelList Talent. The impact of AngelList on the startup and venture capital communities has been significant, with AngelList Venture facilitating funding for over 12,000 startups and having over $14 billion in assets supported for fund managers. Additionally, AngelList Talent has helped 150,000 startups connect with more than 8 million candidates looking to work in the startup world.

As separate companies, Wellfound and AngelList will hone in even further on the needs of our distinct audiences and ship products faster. For Wellfound, this means doubling down on our mission to help the startup world find what’s next. Our new name embodies that spirit of discovery.

Amit Matani, CEO of Wellfound

Wellfound has announced that it will be transitioning its domain from to by March 2023. This transition represents a significant step forward for the company in its quest to establish a stronger and more recognizable brand in the industry.

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Adopting the new domain brings a host of advantages for both the company and its customers. The new domain is more memorable and easily recognizable, making it simpler for users to find the company, thereby enhancing the user experience. This not only helps Wellfound differentiate itself from its competition, but also allows it to expand its reach and attract a larger audience. By embracing this new domain, Wellfound is taking a major step forward in its journey to success.

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