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Empowering Entrepreneurs to Lead: An Insightful Conversation with Vamsi Polimetla
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Today our guest is Vamsi Polimetla, an entrepreneur and leadership coach who founded the Make More Leaders program, where he helps entrepreneurs become better leaders and elevate their teams.

Meet our guest

Name: Vamsi Polimetla

What they do: Vamsi is the driving force behind Make More Leaders, a visionary company dedicated to building the top community and coaching platform for high performers, coaches, consultants, experts, and leaders. Make More Leades’ mission is to empower individuals to monetise their knowledge, profoundly impact lives, and contribute to positive global change.

Interesting fact: Vamsi’s journey to leadership was inspired by his collaborative experiences with esteemed experts such as Robin Sharma, Tony Robbins, and Jack Canfield. Working alongside these influential figures, he recognised the immense value of their teachings and felt compelled to share that knowledge with others. This led him to launch his own leadership coaching program, marking the beginning of an inspiring and transformative path.

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Leadership is not based on your title, office life, or the conditions you find yourself in. It can be designed and cultivated at any point in our lives, whether you’re a programmer, a security guard, or a manager. It has nothing to do with formal designations or anything behind your name card.

Vamsi Polimetla

Short overview

During our conversation, Vamsi shares his transition from a 20-year career as an engineer in large corporations to discovering his passion for coaching and leadership. We discuss the origin of his company’s name, Make More Leaders, and what qualities define a true leader. We talk about Vamsi’s choice to establish a brand with a distinctive name, diverging from the common practice among coaches who tend to build their businesses around their personal names.

Vamsi elaborates on the process of becoming a leader and how he assists his clients in achieving this goal. He sheds light on the common challenges individuals face on their leadership journey. According to Vamsi, establishing strong roots is the key to long-term success, even though these roots often go unnoticed. He emphasises the importance of developing a solid foundation in personal growth, as he observed individuals who achieved financial success but lacked deep roots.

Vamsi and his business partner launched the Personal Leadership Academy this year. The program is specifically tailored for engineers who migrated from India, providing them with the guidance and support needed to enhance their leadership skills. Looking ahead to 2023, Vamsi and his team are enthusiastic about new opportunities that lay ahead and eager to connect with individuals interested in their programs. 

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