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Outgrowing the Name: FinancialForce Rebrands to Certinia to Emphasise a 'Single Source of Certainty'
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

FinancialForce, a leading platform for services businesses, has rebranded as Certinia to reflect the company’s transformation and the provision of a comprehensive Services-as-a-Business (SaaB) platform. 

We really outgrew our name at the end of the day. This is the opportunity for us to reset in the marketplace who we are today and everything that we aspire to be. The name FinancialForce was great when we were an ERP system on The company we are today, if you look at [our] portfolio, it’s almost confusing to have financials in our name and for folks to not understand everything that we do in this platform for services businesses. So this was really about catching up to the company that we are today. And where we want to go.

Scott Brown, CEO of Certinia

The Certinia platform integrates various solutions, including Professional Services Automation, Customer Success, Services CPQ, ERP, and FP&A, to create a smooth flow between all aspects of services operations. From estimation to delivery, customer success management to financial planning, the platform is designed to help businesses provide exceptional services, improve the customer experience, and drive growth.

The new name Certinia seems to derive from the word “certainty,” a concept that closely aligns with one of the primary advantages that customers enjoy when using the company’s solutions.

The name Certinia is an affirmation of one of the key benefits our customers experience when implementing our solutions… certainty. They can be certain they will be able to deliver the right business outcomes, customer experiences and financial performance that they strive to achieve. In an uncertain and ever changing world, we hear every day from our customers how important our solutions are to navigating these challenges with a single source of certainty.

Scott Brown, CEO of Certinia

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