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Discussing Thought Leadership, Innovation, Women in Business and More with Daria Vodopianova
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Today our guest is Daria Vodopianova, an international keynote speaker, bestselling author, and personal branding strategist.

Meet our guest

Name: Daria Vodopianova

What they do: Daria has been on various stages including Women in Tech, Unicef or TEDx, and Mindvalley University. Her interests include initiatives that encourage more women to work in technology, the promotion of entrepreneurship in education, and the establishment of genuine human connections via the internet.

Daria is a co-founder of Thought Leadership Academy, home to 1,300+ innovators, change-makers, and experts. 

Where to reach them:


It’s so important to create diversity, and I believe it’s a reflection of your values. My values are that I want to see more women succeed in their fields. I want more women to know about creating wealth and generational wealth. I want women to take the lead. I want women to be liberated. I want more diversity in various industries, such as technology.

Daria Vodopianova

Short overview

We discuss the origins of the Thought Leadership Academy concept and their invitation to present at TEDx. Daria explains the significance of personal branding for public speakers. She offers advice on how to improve one’s skills in storytelling and sharing knowledge. We touch on who can take advantage of Thought Leadership Academy’s offerings. Daria explains the importance of gender equity in the workplace and the value of a diverse workforce. Keep listening to find out what’s next for Daria and the TLA.

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