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Shaun Gold shares his journey from Nightlife Ninja to entrepreneur, author and CEO advisor
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Today our guest is Shaun Gold. He is a life-long entrepreneur, a two-time best-selling author, an international speaker, a counselor, and a super-connector to start-ups and standouts. And as if that was not enough, Shaun is also a Jeopardy contender, screenwriter, and founder of YouTopian Journey.

Meet our guest

Name: Shaun Gold

What they do: Formerly known as a Nightlife Ninja, today entrepreneurs reach out to Shaun for connections, marketing, and content creation. Shaun not only consults and advises CEOs, entrepreneurs, executives, and startup founders. but spearheads their content and marketing strategies.

Where to reach them:


Always register your name as a domain name. Because you don’t know what might happen, someone with your exact same name could buy it and ruin your reputation.

Shaun Gold

Short overview

Shaun shares his journey and the various endeavors in which he has been involved. We discuss why it is more important to have quality content than maximize exposure at all costs. We talk about entrepreneurs’ most common mistakes and how to avoid them. Shaun touches on his books and the experiences that led him to write them. We also uncover Shaun’s recent venture, YouTopian Journey.

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