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Climate Tech Companies and Their Domain Name Choices
By Monica Stankova access_time 11 min read


The level of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere has been steadily increasing for decades, and climate change is one of the most significant threats facing humanity. There are two main causes for this increase – fossil fuels and deforestation. The first major step to combating these effects has been to reduce our carbon footprint.

Climate tech is a term used to describe technology that aims to mitigate or adapt to climate change. A growing number of companies are working on innovative solutions to address climate change, ranging from renewable energy and electric vehicles to carbon capture and storage technologies.

The climate tech market is expected to grow significantly in the coming years as more and more businesses and governments look for a solution to address the problem. This growth is due in part to increasing awareness, as well as an increasing need for effective remedies.

According to the data of Future Market Insights, the global climate tech market size totaled ~US$ 13.8 Bn in 2021 and is expected to reach ~US$ 147.5 Bn by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 24.2%.

Technology is important because it has the potential to address a large share of our challenges with regard to environmental protection and human welfare. But it also offers opportunities for economic growth and job creation while creating a more sustainable future for generations yet to come.

In order to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change, we need innovative technologies that can help us reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Climate tech companies are working hard to develop these solutions, and investment in them is critical if we want to see them come to market and have an impact on the way we live our lives.

Climate tech VC

One of the most important roles for private investors in this process is through venture capital. VCs play a key role in helping companies grow and scale their businesses, which then helps them bring their solutions to market faster and with greater impact.

Investors remain confident in climate technology despite rumors of a decline early this year. According to PwC’s report, investment in climate technology in 2022 represented more than a quarter of all venture capital dollars spent in 2022, in the upper half of the 20-30% range observed since the start of 2018.

Climate tech holds great promise for the future, and we are only just beginning to see its potential.



Arcadia is a climate crisis-fighting tech company unlocking access to data and clean energy sources. Kiran Bhatraju started the firm in 2014 with the goal of making switching to renewable energy simpler for consumers.

In May 2022, Arcadia announced a $200 million funding round led by J.P. Morgan Asset Management, raising a total of $370.5 million over 9 rounds.

The company was founded as Arcadia Power and, in 2019 rebranded to Arcadia, removing “power” from its name to avoid consumer confusion and better align with its vision. 

When first deciding on a name for our company, we landed on Arcadia Power because it was a reflection of our mission and vision. Arcadia — a byword for utopia or for living in harmony with the earth — is an apt representation of the type of energy system we’re keen on creating..But we are not a power company. We don’t own power plants or take positions in the energy market. We are, first and foremost, a mission-driven technology company building a platform that advocates for consumers, not big power companies. We’re embracing a name that is in direct opposition to the energy system that has existed since the beginning — one that can be messy and complex, and is the original sin of climate change.

Kiran Bhatraju, Founder and CEO of Arcadia for

Along with the rebrand, the company secured the exact brand match domain name, signaling authority and trust – fully aligned with their positioning.

Arcadia, climate tech company


Founded in 2017, Nori is a blockchain-based carbon removal marketplace with a mission to reverse climate change by removing billions of tons of CO2 from the atmosphere.

In February 2022, the company closed a $7M Series A round led by M13. 

There is no problem more urgent than what Nori is tackling: carbon removal. We’ve been looking to invest in companies that leverage blockchains to meet real-world needs and are proud to back Nori who is both removing carbon and cleaning up carbon-offset accounting with the Ethereum blockchain. Nori’s marketplace is proven; farmers are getting paid for removing carbon with regenerative farming, and corporations, SMBs and NFT companies alike are turning to Nori to verify their efforts to run their businesses sustainably.

Latif Peracha, M13 Partner

Nori can be found on their premium CVCV domain name Investing in such a name sends a powerful signal to investors and first-time clients that the firm has a clear vision and objectives for the future.



Klima is an app that allows users to measure their carbon footprint and provides climate information and personalized tips to save emissions. The company was founded in 2019 by Markus Gilles, Jonas Brandau, and Andreas Pursian-Ehrlich in Berlin. 

In April 2022, Klima raised €10 million in its Series A funding led by Keen Venture Partners.

The startup also launching “Klima for Teams” to help businesses integrate climate action into team culture by reducing their employees’ carbon footprints and teaching them long-term emission reduction techniques.

Millions of people want to take climate action, but don’t know how. We created Klima to make personal action radically easy and unleash an additional force in the fight against climate change.

Klima team

Klima operates on the domain name; it perfectly matches their brand name, and the .com extension is what visitors intuitively lean towards when typing a web address.



Voi is a micro-mobility startup offering e-scooter sharing in partnership with cities and local communities. Voi was founded in 2018 by Douglas Stark, Filip Lindvall, and Fredrik Hjelm, and its headquarters is located in Stockholm in Sweden.

Our vision is a shift towards an urban mobility paradigm focused on community, inclusivity, environment and climate rather than individual car use. We aim for a tomorrow in which city dwellers live and move in a safe and healthy environment with less pollution, less noise and less stress. The future we see is a sustainable one where circularity is the norm and shared mobility the way to go. Where individuals, businesses and governments alike take responsibility and strive to reduce their climate impact, help to protect our planet and contribute to more liveable cities for all.

Voi team

‍The startup has raised a total of $515.6M in funding over 10 rounds, as their latest funding was raised on Feb 28, 2022.

There is no doubting that micromobility is here to stay and Voi intends to be the go-to mobility platform in Europe. 

Fredrik Hjelm, co-founder and CEO of Voi

The company initially launched under the domain name and later switched to Many brands start on compromise names and invest in their exact brand match .com at a later stage of development. In 2021, Voi acquired the premium three-letter .com domain name to secure its online presence and company success.



Founded in 2021, Watershed is a San Francisco-based carbon management software provider. The company’s mission is to accelerate decarbonization by building the tools organizations need to cut carbon. Companies like Airbnb, Wise, DoorDash, Warby Parker, Twitter, Flexport, Stripe and Shopify use Watershed’s software to measure their carbon footprint and bring it to zero.

‍Watershed joined the unicorn club in February 2022, raising a $70M Series B co-led by venture capital investors Sequoia and Kleiner Perkins.

We started Watershed on this mission to put as big of a dent in the climate crisis as we possibly could. The one good thing about the climate crisis is that it is a math problem — it is easy to judge your impact based on if you are bending that global curve of how much carbon the world emits every year. We set a goal for ourselves to try to build a company that at scale can get to 500 million tonnes of CO2 reduced or removed per year. One percent of the world’s emissions.

Taylor Francis, Co-founder of Watershed for CleanTechnica

You can find Watershed at their exact brand match domain name Domains with dictionary words are short, memorable, and meaningful, making them a great business investment. They give a strong competitive edge by increasing organic traffic and overall marketing effectiveness.


Perfect Day

Perfect Day produces dairy proteins that are nutritionally identical to proteins from cow’s milk. 

Compared to the manufacturing of protein found in traditional milk, Perfect Day’s protein consumes up to 60% less non-renewable energy, up to 99% less blue water, and up to 97% fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Making our milk protein produces up to 97% less carbon emissions than traditional milk production, so every product made with Perfect Day leaves a significantly smaller carbon footprint than its traditional counterpart.

Perfect Day team

In September 2021, Perfect Day secured $350 million in a Series D round, bringing its total funding to $750 million.

The company was founded in 2014 by bioengineers Ryan Pandya and Perumal Gandhi and launched under the name Muufri, but rebranded to Perfect Day in 2016. The new brand name is a reference to the Lou Reed song of the same name.

Our new name was inspired by a study by dairy scientists that discovered cows produce more milk when listening to the song “Perfect Day,” by Lou Reed. For a company on a mission to make cows, people, and the planet happier, it was a perfect fit.

Perfect Day team

After the rebrand, the company operated on and later upgraded to their exact match domain name Investing in a .com domain name that matches their brand name ensures their brand is secure online and makes it easy for their customers, business partners, and investors to reach them.

Perfect day


.com extension is the preferred choice among the Climate tech companies on our list, with 243 out of 302 securing a .com domain name for their online presence. Customers naturally tend to trust .com as it has dominated the internet for decades.

Climate Tech Companies and Their Domain Name Choices

13 companies have secured a .io domain name. .io is a common choice among tech startups, despite scandals about who in fact benefits from the sales of .io domains.

.us is the preferred choice of 5 companies, while .co used by 4. .co gained popularity among startups, seen as an acronym for company or corporation. Same as the .us and .io extensions, country domain codes offer more freedom of choice but come with certain risks.

.energy is used by 5 companies, and 3 companies operate with .earth domain extension. The new .earth gTLD extension is primarily used for ecological and environmental organizations, and it’s designed to draw attention to the conservation, protection, or study of the planet.

191 companies secured exact brand match domain names for their brand presence online. Having an exact brand match domain name is a great approach to building trust and credibility online, which are essential for making lasting connections with customers and gaining an edge over the competition.

Climate Tech Companies and Their Domain Name Choices

Dashes are used in 8 names on the list. Adding hyphens is not advised since it adds complexity for consumers who frequently overlook it while typing in a domain name.

Climate Tech Companies and Their Domain Name Choices
domain company ebm Infinited Fiber yes Ubiquitous Energy no Space Forge yes Sylvera yes Sourceful yes Pledge no Canvaloop yes Klima yes Enode yes Climatiq no Toucan no HelioRec yes Sheru no LAM’ON no DiFOLD yes Biomyc no Sevarex yes Better Origin no Nasekomo no Manna Foods no Cupffee no ElevenEs yes Watto no Econic One yes Strawberry yes Turntide yes Arcadia yes UPSIDE Foods yes ‍Watershed yes ‍Commonwealth Fusion Systems no ‍Voi yes ‍Rivian yes ‍Bird no ‍Fluence no ‍Hozon no ‍Enpal yes ‍TIER no ‍Sunfire no ‍Perfect Day yes ‍Solugen yes ‍Lilium yes ‍Prometheus no ‍Bolt Threads yes ‍OLA no ‍Apeel yes ‍Form Energy yes ‍Redwood Materials yes ‍Pivot Bio yes ‍Nature’s Fynd yes ‍NotCo yes
domain company ebm

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