Climate Tech Startups and Their Domain Name Choices

Overview The level of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere has been steadily increasing for decades, and climate change is one of the most significant threats facing humanity. There are two main causes for this increase – fossil fuels and deforestation. The first major step to combating these effects has been to reduce our carbon footprint. […]

HeyEveryone founders talk about SaaS, AI, investing, work and life balance and startup life

Today our guests are Nikita and Tina Blanc, entrepreneurs and partners in business and in life. We will talk about some of the startups they founded, their life journey, how their successful company was killed by Apple, their new venture, relocating a team on a short notice and much more.

February 2022 Funded Startups and Their Domain Names Choices

Overview The consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, record inflation, and market turbulence has led global venture capital financing to decline by $10 billion to $52 billion in February 2022, Crunchbase data shows. Yet, it shows a 24% increase compared to last year’s same month ($42 billion). Forty-seven new unicorn firms joined The Crunchbase […]

January 2022 Funded Startups and Their Domain Names

Overview Worldwide financing to private startups reached $61 billion last month, the fourth month in a row over $60 billion, according to Crunchbase data. $3 billion was invested at the seed stage, $18 billion in the early stage, and a little over $40 billion in the later and technology-growth stages. Forty-five new companies joined the […]

40 Indian Startups Unicorns in 2021 and Their Domain Choices

Overview After the US and China, India has the world’s third-largest startup environment. The pandemic has accelerated India’s use of online technology. As more businesses are going online, venture capital firms and private investors are focusing on tech startups and industries such as fast-moving consumer goods, online grocery delivery, and home entertainment. According to a […]

December 2021 Funded Startups and Their Domain Choices

Overview Last year, global venture investment totaled $643 billion, up from $335 billion in 2020, according to Crunchbase data. Fintech fundraising shattered multiple records according to CB Insights’ 2021 State of Venture Report, with $132 billion raised. Fintechs received $1 out of every $5 invested by venture capital companies. Last month’s fundraising was dominated by […]

Payment Rails Rebrands as Trolley and Closes $7 Million in Series A

Payment Rails, a Canadian Fintech startup, was founded in 2015. Today the company revealed that it is rebranding as Trolley—the payouts platform for the internet economy. The newly renamed Trolley also announced its recent $7M Series A funding round led by Pace Capital. We’ve always known that “payment rails” has a specific infrastructure-focused meaning, and […]

Women Founders & Investors and Their Domain Name Choices

Overview The year 2021 is notable because nearly everything in the financial world is on the rise. Venture capital investment is at an all-time high. Sectors such as cryptocurrency, security, and telehealth are experiencing exponential growth. The number of big rounds and exits continues to grow. Despite the positive trends, recent Crunchbase data shows that […]

VC-Backed Companies Going Public via SPAC 2021

Overview Crunchbase is a leading platform that provides various types of information for private and public companies, including investments and funding information, founding members and individuals in leadership positions, mergers and acquisitions, news, and industry trends.  Going public through a special-purpose acquisition company has become mainstream for 2021, and Crunchbase has gathered a list of […]

Food & Beverage Startups and Their Domain Choices

Overview The Food and Beverage Industry includes all companies engaged in converting agricultural goods into consumer food products. The industry is divided into two major segments- production and distribution of edible goods. According to Statista, the revenue in the F&B industry is projected to reach $342 213 million by the end of 2021 and $476 […]

November 2021 Funded Startups and Their Domain Choices

Overview The leading business information Crunchbase has published its monthly funding recap, and here is what caught our attention.  By the end of November, global funding for 2021 had surpassed $580 billion, compared to $335 billion in 2020. Freight, aerospace, cloud security, gaming, automotive, cryptocurrency, e-commerce, energy, transportation, workplace productivity, and biomedicines are among the […]

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Startups and Their Domain Name Choices

Overview Covid-19 has revolutionized the digital payments landscape as the buying experience gets more streamlined and user-friendly resulting in the emergence of many sub-industries, such as Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL). Put simply, BNPL allows shoppers to pay for their items throughout installments, usually over a period of few months.  BNPL is broadening financial inclusion […]

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