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Food and Beverage Startups and Their Domain Choices
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 5 min read


The Food and Beverage industry includes all companies engaged in converting agricultural goods into consumer food products. The industry is divided into two major segments- production and distribution of edible goods.

According to Statista, the revenue in the Food and Beverage industry is projected to reach $342,213 million by the end of 2021 and $476,177 million by the end of 2025.

According to Statista, the revenue in the Food and Beverage industry is projected to reach $342,213 million by the end of 2021 and $476,177 million by the end of 2025.

Comparatively speaking, the majority of the numbers above came from China ($219,394 million in 2021), which is leading the market in terms of revenue, followed by the U.S. and Japan.

Here are some of the most exciting trends in the industry to watch in 2022.

Plant-based food

For several years, the plant-based food market has been rising, with more and more investors turning their attention to it.

Immune-Boosting Foods

The pandemic has escalated the trend for health goods, particularly immunity-boosting foods, and beverages. Following the COVID-19 outbreak, Google Trends data showed a roughly 500 % rise in searches for immunity in food and drink worldwide.

We knew that interest was already high in functional products – with consumers searching for terms such as ‘digestive health’ and ‘brain health’ – but recently we’ve seen a significant shift towards searches on products and ingredients that can boost people’s immune systems. There’s no doubt this has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Giancarlos La Rocca, Global Category Manager at Tetra Pak Marketing Services 

Food Transparency

Consumers are moving away from just looking for health-related information (organic or non-GMO) and toward looking for environmental and ethical information as well. By providing transparency, companies can build trust and confidence with customers.


Arla Foods

Arla Foods produces and sells dairy products worldwide. The company was founded in 2000 in Sweden. In 2020, the company’s revenue reached 10.64 billion euros. As a global brand, Arla Foods has chosen a matching global domain –


Bunge is a global agribusiness and food company operating in the farm-to-consumer food chain. The company was founded in 1818 and had more than 201 years of history. In 2018, Bunge had revenue of $45.74 billion. Bunge has a domain name that exactly matches their brand name – The majority of successful global brands operate on similar names that communicate trust and authority.


Founded in 2012, Drizly is an online ordering and delivery platform that allows users to purchase alcohol from local stores and have it delivered through a mobile app or website. The company has more than 4,000 retail partners. In October 2021, Uber acquired the company for $1.1 billion in cash and stock. 

The company has chosen an interesting interpretation of the word “grizzly” for its brand name. The bear is present in their logo as a symbol of strength, leadership, and confidence. Drizly is operating on the exact brand match domain name


Freshly is an innovative prepared meal delivery company based in New York that ships across the United States. In 2020, Freshly was acquired by NestlĂ© for 1.5 billion. The company has incorporated one of the most alluring to today’s consumers’ word in the food industry, “fresh”, into its branding and has secured the catchy and memorable exact brand match domain name An exact brand match domain is also a preferred choice of the top companies in the plant-based industry.


Kitopi is the world’s leading managed cloud kitchen platform. Kitopi (pronounced: “Kee-Toh-Pee”) stands for Kitchen Utopia and is an excellent example of a short, catchy, derivative, and descriptive brand name. The company is featured in our Best startups you need to watch out for in 2021 by Cloudways article. Kitopi has secured the exact brand match domain name


NotCo is a fast-growing foodtech company based in Chile with a first-of-its-kind patented A.I. technology that creates plant-based foods that appeal to the mass market. The company is valued at $1.5 billion following a mega-round investment in July. 

NotCo uses an exact brand match .com domain. Having an Exact Brand Match domain ( EBM) leads to more exposure, recognition, direct traffic, more visits, and avoids potential risky rebrands in the future.


The majority of the food and beverage companies, 243 out of 298, have chosen to operate on the .COM extension. An interesting fact about the popular extension is that 13% of the registered .COM domains are short 5-6 character domain names. .IO is the preferred choice of 6 entries. The .io extension is a common choice among startups, despite scandals about who in fact benefits from the sales of .io domains.

Food and Beverage Companies and Their Domain Choices

175 companies have secured an exact brand match domain name, making the most of their marketing across channels while avoiding security risks.

Food and Beverage Companies and Their Domain Choices

17 companies in the list use a dash. Here is an article on what to consider when choosing to use a hyphen in a domain name and why is best to avoid it.

Food and Beverage Companies and Their Domain Choices

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