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Food Tech Companies in Israel and Their Domain Name Choices
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 4 min read


Food technology is a broad field that covers nutrition, packaging, food safety, processing systems, innovative ingredients, and alternative proteins. Israel has over 400 companies in this industry. From Technion and Hebrew University to about 35 active university labs, the country has long been home to pioneering academic institutes. With such a strong, science-based academic foundation, it is no wonder that according to research released in October by The Good Food Institute (GFI), Israel is presently a leading player in the global food tech business.  

Israel is in a global position worldwide for food tech.

 Nir Goldstein, managing director of GFI Israel for TimesofIsrael

The foodtech industry in Israel has been further supported by the fact that the country has been a startup and an innovation hub for the last three decades. 

We have gathered a list of 44 Israeli food tech companies and will further explore their domain name choice.



Hargol has revolutionized the protein ingredient business by providing a healthier, more sustainable, and inexpensive alternative and has become the world’s leading grasshopper-intensive raising company. The company has raised $7M in funding over ten rounds. 

The brand name Hargol comes from Hebrew – hargol means “leaper” and so communicates the main activity of the business – delivering protein from grasshoppers. And yes, they are a great source of protein – 72% (X3.5 times more than beef!).

Hargol has invested in an exact brand match domain Exact brand match domains are considered the foundation of building a brand; they improve the SEO ranking and are synonyms of trust and credibility. 


Innovopro produces chickpea-based food products in various areas, including dairy and meat substitutes.

Innovopro operates on – an exact brand match .com domain. Our research on top companies in the plant-based food market and their domains shows that 60% of the companies on the list prefer exact brand match names. 


Founded in March 2021, Plantish aims to develop boneless fish whole cuts made entirely of plants. The company has already secured $2M in a pre-seed funding round.

Plantish is a fun mashup word from Plant + Fish – a very creative way to coin a phrase that is easy to trademark and secure as a domain but still simple to pronounce and communicates what the brand does.

Plantish runs on, an exact brand match domain. This protects their brand online, prevents traffic and email leaks, and minimizes customer and partner confusion. 


SOLATO is a rapidly growing foodtech company dedicated to revolutionizing the gelato-making process. Along with their commitment to using recyclable materials and reusable packaging, SOLATO delivers an authentic, artisan product that is not only better for you, but also for the planet. Their name seems to be a playful hint on that too.

SOLATO has made a wise decision to operate on the exact brand match domain EBM domains are the preferred choice of the majority of successful global brands. 

Zero Egg

Zero Egg is a food tech startup that develops plant-based eggs alternatives. The company operates in Israel, Netherlands, and US. 

Zero Egg upgraded to the exact brand match domain from Check our CEO’s recent article on why companies should avoid running a business on a compromised domain name


33 Israeli companies on our list operate on .com domain names. .com was ranked the most popular extension of 2021, used by 54.1% of all the websites.

Israeli companies, Companies in Israel, Food technology, Food tech

20 startups have invested in exact brand match domains. Our research on preferred domain extensions in Israel shows that 64% of the companies in the survey have chosen to operate on EBM domains. 

Israeli companies, Companies in Israel, Food technology, Food tech

2 companies operate on domain extension. The .IL domain is Israel’s Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD). The domain extension was introduced in 1985 and was intended for entities affiliated with the country. There are no specific requirements for acquiring an .IL domain. The secondary extension is used by commercial Entities. 

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