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Tatiana Bonneau Talks with Jason Barnard About Domain Names as Brand Assets
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Following Jason’s exceptional insights shared on our podcast series, Tatiana Bonneau, our CEO, had the pleasure of being a guest on “Branded Search (and Beyond)”, where she and the host, Jason, talked about the significance of domain names as brand assets.


In this podcast, Tatiana imparts her knowledge of domain names. She shares valuable insights on the importance of selecting a domain name that aligns with a business’s vision and target audience. While .com is the most popular and trusted extension, Tatiana emphasises that it’s essential to choose a domain name that resonates with the business’s brand.

Tatiana Bonneau, CEO, MarkUpgrade, SmartBranding, domain names

If you’re building a lasting brand that you want to be independent, definitely a .com that is matching the brand seems to be the way to go.

 Tatiana Bonneau

Not having a matching brand name domain can cost a business potential customers, and communicating and trying to build a brand on a domain name that doesn’t match the brand name can be a hassle and extra expense. Tatiana suggests investing in your brand and considering both the cost of getting something and the cost of not getting it. She also suggests that global brands can be creative with their domain names by using different extensions for location, keywords, or marketing campaigns. For example, for France shows appreciation for local customers. Brands can also secure their name in popular extensions for protective reasons.

Tatiana highlights the benefits of having domain names for different keywords and campaigns to enhance a brand’s online presence. A well-chosen domain name can help a business stand out in the crowded online marketplace and connect with its target audience.

Any serious company of a decent size should have a domain strategy.

Tatiana Bonneau

Listen to the full episode at Branded Search (and Beyond) with Jason Barnard.

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