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Tatiana Bonneau on BE Yourself Podcast: Discussing Domains, Branding, Marketing, and Self-Expression
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We are excited to share that Tatiana Bonneau from our team was a guest on the BE Yourself Podcast: The Podcast on Expressing Our True Selves.

The BE Yourself Podcast is hosted by Serhii, a communication coach living in Kyiv, Ukraine. His company, Beverly English, is dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs and infopreneurs with global expansion and developing an authentic personal brand on social media.

Tatiana and Serhii discuss various topics from both her business and personal lives. They touch on topics from naming and domains to running and traveling.


As the head of MarkUpgarde and the founder of SmartBranding, Tatiana Bonneau discusses the importance of domain names and branding.

Naming is not just a casual decision; it’s a strategic move. Your brand’s and domain names should be carefully thought out, ensuring they won’t box you into a corner as your business grows.

Tatiana Bonneau

When building a business and selecting a name and domain name, it’s crucial to remember that the ultimate goal is to make life easier for your customers. Trends and SEO rules may change, but if you prioritise simplifying the customer experience and ensuring clarity, you’ll always be on the right track.

Tatiana Bonneau

Premium domain names are like digital real estate, and businesses must recognise their value. Education on domain names is the missing link in the branding and marketing industry, and that’s one of our goals  at SmartBranding and MarkUpgrade.

Tatiana Bonneau

Where to find Tatiana

Short overview

Tatiana Bonneau shares her beliefs and values in this podcast, offering insights into her unique personality and lifestyle choices. She finds the experience of moving fascinating and fulfilling, valuing the connections with people in different places.

As the head of MarkUpgarde and the founder of SmartBranding, Tatiana discusses the importance of domain names and branding. She emphasises that having a website is more crucial than ever because it’s the only online space you truly own and control. Tatiana highlights how successful brands prioritise domain name strategies, ensuring they own various domain variations. She stresses the importance of planning ahead when naming your brand, avoiding names that may restrict your growth or tie you to a specific product or region.

When talking about naming and branding strategies, Tatiana shares a core principle of prioritising customer convenience and clarity in branding and domain name choices. While SEO and trends may change, she emphasises that this customer-centric approach remains timeless and effective.

Tatiana highlights the often underestimated significance of domain names in the business world. She asserts that domain names are crucial in determining a brand’s success, as they are the key to online visibility and customer interaction. It is essential to keep domain names straightforward, genuine, and user-friendly, as their primary purpose is to cater to end-users, ensuring effective communication and branding.

At the end of the conversation, Tatiana reveals her passion for running, discussing how she initially embraced the sport and what keeps her motivated. She underscores the connection between her running hobby and personal growth.

Key Moments

  • Personal growth, travel, and family (0:00)
  • Travel lifestyle and business branding. (5:15)
  • Website importance and domain names for personal brands. (10:32)
  • Branding, marketing, and website strategy. (16:00)
  • Naming and branding a website for a business. (22:33)
  • SEO and domain names for businesses. (27:27)
  • Finding and loving one’s work through personal growth and experimentation. (34:23)
  • Domain names and their importance in branding. (37:50)
  • Working together with a spouse in business. (42:57)
  • Business partnerships and leadership dynamics. (47:39)
  • Running hobby and personal progress. (51:11)
  • Personal growth, networking, and empathy. (58:21)

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