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HeyEveryone Founders Talk About SaaS, AI, Investing, Work and Life Balance and Startup Life
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Today, our guests are Nikita and Tina Blanc, entrepreneurs and partners in business and in life. We will talk about some of the startups they founded, their life journey, how their successful company was killed by Apple, their new venture, relocating a team on short notice and much more.

Meet our guests

Name: Nikita and Tina Blanc

What they do: Nikita and Tina are serial entrepreneurs, currently developing HeyEveryone.

Fun fact: They launched Challenge app, grew it to a $15m business before it was suspended by Apple with no explanations. They had to close the app but fought back and made Apple cut developer tax from 30% to 15%.

Where to reach them:


You can’t repeat a success story, you never go down the same road two times. But when you talk about failures you can at least not repeat them. 

Nikita Blanc

It is an important advice for founders – you need to build long term partnerships with your team. Often money is not the main thing people are interested in, they want to be in a good team where they feel their voice is important.

Tina Blanc

Short overview

We talk about Challenge app, a project Tina and Nikita built and grew to a successful business over years, that was eventually shut by Apple. We go over the challenges of being partners in life and business and balancing life/work relationships. We talk about their new project – HeyEveryone, how the idea for it was born, how they came up with the name and how it can help entrepreneurs prepare to and raise funds, as well as update their investors afterwards. We touch on how they handled the challenge of moving and keeping their business together on short notice.

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