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Monthly Funding Report: November 2023 Funded Startups and Their Domain Name Choices
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 10 min read

Discover the latest trends in global monthly funding data, with a unique focus on companies’ domain name choices, in our monthly funding reports.


While Pre-seed funding, despite experiencing a decrease in the number of deals, witnessed an increase in the amount raised, Series Seed Round and Series A both saw declines in both the number of deals and the total raised, suggesting a possible shift in investor focus away from these stages.

RoundAmount October (USD)Number deals OctoberAmount November (USD)Number deals November
Pre-seed funding71,238,4823383,667,00021
Seed Round1,302,251,073198933,640,000171
Series A3,106,740,0001452,247,450,000113
Series B1,967,270,000512,233,100,00045
Series C2,631,400,000211,459,400,00018
Series D782,700,00010887,000,0007
Series E11,000,0001435,000,0003

Series B, similar to Pre-seed, exhibited a decrease in the number of deals but saw an increase in the total funding amount. This might indicate a preference among investors for slightly more mature startups with proven potential for growth. Series D followed a similar pattern, with fewer deals but a higher total funding amount, highlighting a continued investor interest in later-stage startups.

Series E funding, typically associated with more mature startups, showed growth in the number of deals and the total funding amount. This outlier suggests that certain late-stage startups continued to attract significant investments due to their proven track records and potential for further scaling.

The total number of deals and the total funding amount decreased significantly in November compared to October. This trend might be attributed to various factors, including investors becoming more selective or cautious in their choices or startups opting for different funding sources.

By funds raised/ Total funding $30,516,236,500

Monthly Funding Report: November 2023 Funded Startups

By number of deals/Total number of deals 550

Monthly Funding Report: November 2023 Funded Startups

Healthcare and financial services companies raised the largest amounts last followed by Artificial intelligence.

Below, we will examine some companies on our list and explore their brand and domain name choices.


Industry: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, FinTech, Trading Platform

Funds Raised: $110,000,000 Series E

Crypto exchange and wallet provider has raised $110 million in a Series E funding round led by Kingsway Capital. The funding round also involved investors such as Baillie Gifford, Lakestar, LSVP, GV, Access Industries, Moore Capital, Prudence, Freeman Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Pledge Ventures and others. According to Bloomberg, sources familiar with the situation have reported that’s current valuation is “less than half” of the $14 billion peak it achieved.

The domain is a powerful asset reflecting the organisation’s expertise in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector, making it an invaluable tool for branding and market positioning. It’s a clear statement that the company is a key player in the space, and it makes sense to showcase this strong domain name prominently in all aspects of their branding and communication strategy.

Using a generic word as a brand name can be hard to market, especially a term as popular as Blockchain. To avoid any confusion and direct users straight to their website, cutting out third parties and competitors, the company officially included the .com extension in its brand name. 

While subtle, we think this is an important change that will not only help disambiguate our company from the underlying technology, but it will also help prospective customers better understand how to find us and how we can best serve them — whether it’s setting up a Blockchain Wallet or buying crypto on our exchange.

Peter Smith, CEO of, about the company’s rebrand is featured in our 2010-2020 A decade of domains article. 


Industry: Financial Services, FinTech, Marketplace

Funds Raised: $10,000,000 Series A and $20,000,000 Debt Financing

Tenet, a climate-focused fintech platform dedicated to making electric vehicle (EV) ownership more affordable for consumers and businesses, has successfully secured over $30 million in funding. This sum includes a Series A investment of over $10 million and a $20 million warehouse debt facility. 

The Series A round, led by Nyca Partners, aims to accelerate the expansion of Tenet’s pioneering EV financing product and enhance TenetConnect, their newly launched digital platform for renewable energy. The $20 million warehouse debt facility from Silicon Valley Bank will bolster Tenet’s ability to finance EV loans for both individual and business customers.

Our mission is to help our customers save money by electrifying their lives and serve as the financial fabric of the energy transition. Helping customers affordably purchase EVs is just the first step in our journey. With the support of partners like Nyca and SVB, we’re able to scale our unique platform in innovative new ways – like TenetConnect – to continue making EV ownership more accessible, affordable, and rewarding.

Alex Liegl, Co-founder and CEO of Tenet

The company owns the exact brand match domain name Single-word .com domains are known for exuding a sense of authority and professionalism. They are easy to type, remember and share, thus contributing positively to user experience and brand engagement. The palindromic nature of the name “Tenet,” which reads the same forwards and backwards, adds a unique layer of memorability and distinction. This feature, combined with the brevity and clarity of the domain, makes it an invaluable asset in digital marketing and customer engagement, possibly increasing website traffic and promoting stronger brand recognition.


Industry: Business Intelligence, Software, Veterinary

Funds Raised: $100,000,000 Venture Round

Petvisor, a leading platform for managing veterinary and pet service businesses, has secured over $100 million in fresh funding. Apax Digital Funds spearheaded this investment, with support from Frontier Growth, PeakSpan Capital, and Petvisor’s own team. In addition, Mia Hegazy and Dave Evans from Apax Digital will now be part of Petvisor’s Board of Directors.

This funding arrives as pet ownership in the United States continues to surge, with 66% of households (equivalent to 86.9 million homes) now having a pet in 2023. 

We started as a single software tool to make communication and pet health compliance easy for one-clinic practices, and we have grown into a suite of solutions covering the total patient engagement needs of pet healthcare and services providers – with the ability to service any multi-location provider. Now, with help from Apax Digital and Apax’s renowned operating team, we will accelerate our growth and fulfill our long-term vision of building a fully equipped platform that both enhances and extends the lives of pets around the globe.

Tim Callahan, CEO of Petvisor

To achieve a distinctive and memorable brand name, Petvisor used a hybrid naming approach by combining two words. As a result of this strategy, the company has been able to establish a robust and unique brand presence that effectively communicates its distinct value proposition to customers.

Petvisor serves as the parent company to a portfolio of renowned brands such as PetDesk, Vetstoria, WhiskerCloud, Kontak, and The majority of the Petetch companies in our research about Pet tech companies and their domain name choices, including Petvisor itself, operate on exact brand match domain names. This strategic approach offers a host of benefits, foremost among them being seamless alignment between the brand identity and online presence. This synergy enhances recognition and builds trust and credibility in the minds of customers, making it a powerful tool for brand building.

Vida Health

Industry: Health Care, Medical, mHealth, Personal Health, Therapeutics

Funds Raised: $28,500,000 Venture Round

Vida Health is a purposefully designed virtual care platform focusing on holistic healthcare, addressing mental and physical well-being in unison. The company raised $28,500,000 in a Venture Round led by existing investors such as General Atlantic, Ally Bridge, Canvas Ventures, Hercules Capital, and other insiders, aimed to support Vida Health’s continued growth, with a particular focus on expanding its presence in the GLP-1 market.

The company intends to use the funds to scale further and pursue ongoing growth opportunities.

Vida’s offering has the potential to redefine virtual cardiometabolic care and improve the lives of millions, and I am passionate about advancing our mission and leading the company through our next phase of growth.

Joe Murad, CEO of Vida

The brand name “Vida,” which translates to “life” in Spanish and Portuguese, perfectly aligns with the company’s mission of eradicating chronic diseases and enhancing lives through improved health. The abstract “V” or “Bloom” in the Vida logo symbolises individuals reaching their full potential. The company has invested in the premium CVCV exact brand match domain, Such domain names are concise, universally pronounceable, memorable, and radiate a positive and vibrant energy, conveying confidence to customers, investors, and business partners alike.


Industry: Brand Marketing, Sports, Wearables

Funds Raised: $184,200,000 Growth Funding

Castore, the tech-driven sportswear brand headquartered in Manchester, has seen its valuation soar to ÂŁ950 million following a substantial ÂŁ150 million investment. Established in Liverpool in 2016 by brothers Thomas and Philip Beahon, this funding initiative was spearheaded by The Raine Group, a globally recognised TMT merchant bank, in collaboration with Hanaco Ventures and Felix Capital.

With this investment, the Beahon brothers aim to increase the company’s financial capabilities, allowing them to make strategic investments in supply chain enhancements and data analytics.

Our vision when we founded Castore was to create a proudly British brand competing on the global stage and we won’t stop until we get there. The mission continues.

Thomas Beahon, Co-Founder of Castore

“Castore” originates from the Greek myth of Castor and Pollux, two brothers who famously challenged the mighty Zeus. The name fits perfectly with the brand’s beginnings, which Tom and Phil’s competitive nature inspired. They grew up near Castore’s current office in the Wirral, where Tom was a skilled footballer, and Phil was a rising cricket star.

In a savvy move, the brothers secured the exact brand match domain name This clever decision positions the brand for a promising future and a prominent standing in the sportswear industry.


Unsurprisingly, “.com” emerges as the most favoured domain extension, with 373 companies opting for its universal appeal.

Monthly Funding Report: November 2023 Funded Startups and Their Domain Name Choices

The tech sector sees “.ai” and “.io” as preferred choices, with 40 and 29 companies, respectively. “.ai” signifies a focus on artificial intelligence, while “.io” typically relates to input/output.

7 companies have chosen to operate on the .app extension. The “.app” domain extension is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) introduced by Google. It was designed primarily for mobile and web app developers and businesses, offering a distinct and recognisable domain space for application-related content.

The majority of companies have invested in exact brand match domain names, a decision that not only safeguards their brand online but also shields them from issues like traffic and email leaks.

Monthly Funding Report: November 2023 Funded Startups and Their Domain Name Choices

Dashes (“-“) feature in the names of 15 companies, a common choice when crafting domain names for two-word brands or when compromises are necessary due to domain availability, reaffirming the adaptability of businesses in securing their online presence.

Monthly Funding Report: November 2023 Funded Startups and Their Domain Name Choices

domain company round funding (USD) ebm 1up Pre-Seed Round 2.500.000 no 21bitcoin Seed Round 2.200.000 no ABB Post-IPO Debt 544.500.000 yes Accelex Series A 15.000.000 no Aclarity Series A 15.900.000 no Acorai Grant 2.400.000 yes Adionics Series B 27.000.000 yes Advanced Electric Machines Series A 28.900.000 yes Aelius Biotech Venture Round 1.500.000 no Aether Biomedical Series A 5.800.000 yes Africa Healthcare Network Venture Round 20.000.000 yes Agentio Seed Round 4.250.000 yes AI21 Series C 53.000.000 yes Aigen Series A 12.000.000 no Aikido Seed Round 5.400.000 no Air Company Venture Round 30.400.000 yes AireXpert Seed Round 3.000.000 no Airloom Energy Seed Round 4.000.000 yes Aleph Alpha Series B 500.000.000 no Algomo Grant 1.500.000 yes Almond FinTech Seed Round 7.000.000 yes Almond FinTech Seed Round 7.000.000 yes Alpheya Venture Round 300.000.000 yes Alto Neuroscience Series C 45.000.000 yes ALTR Series C 25.000.000 yes Ambercycle Venture Round 5.000.000 yes Amini Seed Round 4.000.000 no AnotherBall Seed Round 12.700.000 yes Aperiam Bio Seed Round 9.000.000 yes Apiture Venture Round 10.000.000 yes AppFlowy Seed Round 6.400.000 no AppMap Venture Round 10.000.000 no Aptoide Corporate Round 9.000.000 yes Aptus.AI Seed Round 3.600.000 no Arch Series A 20.000.000 no AristaMD Series C 16.500.000 yes Aro Biotherapeutics Series B 41.500.000 no Arrival Post-IPO Debt 50.000.000 yes Arrivo Series B 45.000.000 no Artica Therapeutics Seed Round 12.900.000 no Artisan Pre-Seed Round 2.300.000 no Ascidian Series A 40.000.000 no AstroBeam Seed Round 3.000.000 yes Atlas 6.000.000 no Atom Equity Round 121.549.500 no Augment Seed Round 6.000.000 no Augmentus Series A 5.000.000 no Avanti Helium Post-IPO Equity 1.200.000 yes Axify Series A 13.000.000 no Aypa Debt Financing 550.000.000 yes
domain company round funding (USD) ebm

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Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, a premium domain name can help boost your brand and increase your online presence. If you’re ready to take the next step, contact us to learn more about our premium domain name options and how they can benefit your business.

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