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Ark Kapital Rebrands to Gilion: A Strategic Shift for Global Presence
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

Ark Kapital, a Sweden-based growth platform with a mission to help founders build lasting companies, has rebranded to Gilion, marking a significant step in its global expansion efforts. Established in 2021, Gilion was co-founded by Henrik Landgren, the former Vice President of Analytics at Spotify and a founding partner at EQT Ventures, alongside Oliver Hildebrant, a six-time entrepreneur and Axel Bruzelius, an experienced figure in the banking sector.

We are building Gilion to give founders across the globe access to everything they need to grow faster – from growth tools all the way to financing. Now, we’re ready for the next phase and to start rolling it out globally.

Henrik Landgren, Founder and CPTO at Gilion

The new name, Gilion, is a creative amalgamation of “giga-” and “-illion”, drawing inspiration from the British nomenclature. This combination reflects the immense volumes of data generated daily by technology companies and how it can be used to understand, optimise and finance growth through AI.

Along with the rebrand, Gilion has secured the exact brand match domain name – One-word .com domains are a strategic tool for building strong, easily recognisable brands. Such domains are easier to remember and lend an air of authority and trustworthiness, essential attributes for a company like Gilion that operates at the intersection of technology and finance. As Gilion steps into the global arena, its succinct yet powerful domain name is poised to become a cornerstone of its brand identity, facilitating better recall and a stronger digital presence.

Ark Kapital Rebrands to Gilion

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