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From Corporate IT to a Career in Music: The Inspiring Story of Mike Bankhead and His Quest for Success as an Alternative Musician
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Today, our guest is Mike Bankhead. Mike is a multi-talented artist from Ohio, known for his skill as a bass guitar player and songwriter who possesses a diverse range of abilities and a passion for his craft. In this conversation, we will discuss his music and efforts in marketing, branding, and promoting himself.

Meet our guest

Name: Mike Bankhead

What they do: Mike is the owner of You Could Be My Aramis Music LLC, which name he also uses for his podcast. 

Fun fact: Mike’s journey to professional musician and songwriter began with a 17-year career in corporate IT for a Fortune 500 company. His passion for music was ignited at the age of 20-21 when he taught himself to play guitar through tutorials and observing his friends play.

Where to reach them:


As consumers, we often prioritize exceptional customer service and are willing to invest extra for a positive experience.  Entrepreneurs and small business owners can apply this same principle by actively building personal connections through face-to-face interactions, both in-person and online.

Mike Bankhead

If you’re an entrepreneur and music is part of that, you will inevitably face criticism. The key is to learn how to discern constructive feedback from negativity. To improve as an artist, it is essential to seek out external quality checks and surround yourself with trusted voices who can provide honest feedback. Being clear about your artistic goals and purpose, as well as having a strong sense of self, will help guide you in making the art that you truly want to create.

Mike Bankhead

Short overview

Join us as we speak with Mike, an alternative musician who left a 17-year career in corporate IT to pursue his passion for music. We delve into the reasons behind his transition and the importance of mental well-being in choosing a career path. Mike shares his journey towards making music his sole source of income and the challenges that come with being an independent musician. He also shares his insights on building a successful personal brand and the importance of making personal connections and accepting constructive criticism. Mike talks about his latest project, which explores Black experiences as experienced by a black person in the United States, which is not to be missed!

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